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Sonic Riders TE 2.1 Patch Notes


Main Menu

  • Added more menu colors to the main menu

Color List: Aquamarine, Royal blue, Crimson, Magenta, Violet, Forest Green, Orange, Gold, Brown, White, Black.

Tournament Race


  • optimize to fix a the lag it causes on the menu

  • only neutral stages are bannable on round 1

  • a sound effect will play when a player bans a stage

  • a sound effect will play when a player unbans a stage

  • a sound effect will play when a player selects the final 

Type Shortcuts

Developer Comments
This is a long-time fix for obsolete code. Before new super forms were created, having the game check if you were using the only two all-type gears in the game (Omnipotence and Chaos Emeralds) was a fine solution. However, Super Tails & Knuckles have the all-type debuffs that omnipotence has even though they shouldn't because they aren't all type. Neo Metal also has these debuffs when he isn't super.

  • Recoded how shortcut debuffs work. The game no longer applies All Type shortcut nerfs by checking if the gear is "Omnipotence" or "Chaos Emerald". Instead, it checks if the player is currently All Type mid-game.

Magnetic Impulse

Developer Comments
With Magnetic Impulse affecting all stage devices, item boxes are no exception to receiving boosts from the titular comeback mechanic. However, during its creation in 1.4, we only had it affect ring boxes. This change is intended to round out the item pool for the mechanic and make its effect less lopsided toward ring gears.

  • Air boxes and speed shoes are affected by Magnetic Impulse (Max MI = 1.2 times the air gain from the box, and up to +200 from speed shoes.)

  • A voice line is played when characters achieve maximum impulse. Currently, the new characters have 2-4 new voice lines, while the OG characters have only 1 reused line.

X Ranks

Developer Comments
X Ranks receive a further adjustment to bring them in line with the power of S ranks. Now the relationship is 240 speed & 100 air vs 300 speed & 40 air.

  • Landing speed increased to 240


  • Performing an L-cancel will only grant you 95% of the air from a respective trick rank. (Exception for the air penalty is made when you L Cancel a trick but you would have landed the trick anyway without utilizing it. This is so you can still do it for fun.)

Rail/Hoop Dash

Developer Comments

With the deadline of SAGE 2022, SRTE 2.0 cut some corners. Because of this, certain aspects of new mechanics were not fully realized. When developing Rail/Hoop Dash The cost for Rail/Hoop Dash was insanely high on ring gear making it pretty much unusable on them. With the virtue of more time allows us to rectify this.

  • Ring gears' initial cost is 5 rings, and a continuous cost of 3 rings per second.


Developer Comments

Introduced in SRTE 1.4, Ex-loads were an innovative addition to Sonic Riders. They paved the way for new content to be added in unobtrusive ways. With this latest revision, it is finally realized in it's intended form. You can expect many more Ex-loads to come.

  • Exloads are revamped to be scrolled through with L/X buttons and/or the C-stick. X scrolls through gameplay affecting alts and L scrolls through cosmetic alts. The C-stick scrolls through both kinds of Ex-loads indiscriminately. 

Characters changes

Developer Comments

Similar to Rail/Hoop Dash mechanics, the new characters debuted in a partially compromised state. We got them to function on extreme gear bikes, but skates seem to be a whole different ball game. Unfortunately, they are going to take longer to implement than we expected. We are working to optimize the method of weight painting, separation, and a whole host of other processes so that future additions to the cast come faster and more complete.


  • All the new characters are able to use bikes with the exception of Emerl.

  • Emerl can press the Z button to select a permanent non-boosted type upon race start. This only works when Emerl is the only racer in a match and only when the electrical gate is active.

  • When Emerl is in fly or grind state, the gizoid replication timer will extend to 5 seconds if you have less than 5 seconds left. This allows Emerl to safely finish his type shortcuts.

  • Silver has a new texture for his energy ball and the texture of the writing on the ball is blank

Trickster Archetype

Developer Comments

The Trickster Archetype is receiving minor adjustments to round out the power of their utility. Being able to actually use the Super Leap on ring gears should be their gateway to glimmer and shine, good as gold.

  • Super Leap cost 20 air to perform (from 15)

  • Increase trick landing speed buff to +50 (from +30)

  • Super Leap will not work on Beginner if you lack the air to pay for it

  • Super Leap cost for ring gears decreased to 5 rings (from 20)

Boost Archetype

Developer Comments

The Boost archetype's viability was a little difficult to determine with the time the team had so we made them have certain restrictions in place. Now that it's clear they heavily suffer from not being able to perform advanced mechanics such as the Jump Cancel Boost Chain (JCBC) it's now been restored.

  • Increase acceleration while boosting from 250% to 500%

  • Boost characters can now jcbc! Once the inputs for a jcbc are made, it will override any previous boost by starting a new boost.


Magic Carpet

Developer Comments

The Carpet had certain kinks that needed to be ironed out for a while now. Most gears that have the counter-attacking ability known as "Battle Armor" have all been designed with clear weaknesses or openings, so opponents can play around this incredibly powerful ability. Magic Carpet was the only exception until now. Boost Character also didn't gel with the Carpet's various abilities, some of which conflicted with Boost Archetype's retention properties.

  • Fixed a bug where the gear did not retain its cruise control after drifting

  • Battle Armor (counter-attack version of Berserker effect) becomes inactive when under 50% air capacity.

  • Boost character archetype support: Lose Battle Armor & Cruise Control, but gain a flat plus 7 boost speed at all levels.

Super Shadow

  • The "Sticky Fingers" special flag gives you 30 rings from each attack (from 15)

Super Tails

  • Super State top speed increased to 215 (from 210)

  • Super State passive ring drain decreased by 30%

Neo Metal Sonic

Developer Comments

Neo Metal has a lot going for him. Despite this, his on-paper performance has yet to be adequately proven in any high-level competitive environment. We are making some adjustments in light of some complaints. Although we aim to simultaneously equip him with welcome changes that round him out and make him both less frustrating to play as and against. We'll be keeping a close eye on him.

  • Base form boost speed decreased to 235 (from 240)

  • Delta Stream power object speed +3 (from +2)

  • Base form attack range nerfed to 3.2 (from 3.5)

  • Super form attack range nerfed to 4.1 (from 4.5)

  • Base form top speed increased to 200 (from 197)

  • Voice line support including new slots for when he transforms

  • While in Super State, rings will not drain if Neo Metal is in fall state. (Rings still drain in jump state)

  • Fixed a bugged where Delta Stream didn't apply to rails (+17 Speed for each link)

Heavy Bike

  • Fixed a bug where it could not load the bike version of the model


  • lvl 3 boost speed decreased to 255 (from 260)​


  • Using tornado ignore no longer strips the user of any acquired "power dance" boosts


  • Super Cruise will activate when using the X button. (This means you can buffer Super Cruise without fast falling)

Stage Changes

Sand Ruins

  • You can't pull speed shoe from the final set of random item boxes before the QTE

Splash Canyon

  • Increase the last fly shortcut air gain by 50%

  • Increase the last fly shortcut speed by 20%

  • Increase the first fly shortcut speed by 50%

Sega Carnival

  • Increase the natural jump arch of the first automatic ramp so players can get top path a little easier

  • Fixed the angle of the second fly route (the one that takes you to the QTE) so that the player doesn't ricochet in reverse anymore. 


Super Hang-on

  • Exortile's Cover of Dreams of Absolution added when Silver selects the gear

  • Add: CHAOS ver.6 Cover by Joshua Taipale added when Chaos 0 selects the gear

  • Add: Velva Nova added when Blaze selects the gear

  • Add: What I'm made of when Metal Sonic selects the gear

  • Add: Open your heart added when Tikal selects the gear

Patch notes written by Protag

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