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Welcome to SRTE Community!


Welcome to the Sonic Riders 
Tournament Edition community!
We welcome all new players
to explore the game and community to their heart's content!

Event Calendars

One unique thing about our community is that we release monthly calendars with events that we run inside and outside of the discord server. 

Events Range from:
A variety of Tournaments
Viewer Battles
 Trivia Nights 
Coaching Sessions 
Texture Contests 
Speedrunning Contests
And many new things!




Riders Boulevard

Riders Boulevard is our official YouTube channel. We try to upload most of our tournaments and special events held in the server. We even have our own SRTE Album! 

We hope you enjoy your stay in the community! Whether you're here to compete, play casually, or just here for a place to hang out, there's something for everyone. We'd love to see you around and hope to get to know you more!

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