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Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why aren't I able to connect to the Netplay Host?

A) Firstly, do not have another netplay window open. If you don't and it prompts you otherwise, try resetting traversal settings, or try switching to a direct connection instead. Secondly, and the most common reason, you and the host have completely different versions of Dolphin. There are a whole bunch of versions for Riders. RidersDolphin, BRGL, DevBuild, and the stable build. We urge players to use the latest version of RidersDolphin, which is in #links and downloads.


Q) My game is running slowly/the game is not displaying a visual correctly. What do I do?

A) Depends on your computer. If you have a really good computer like an i5/equivalent or higher, it should run at 60fps without fail. If you have an i3/equivalent or lower, you will have to fiddle around with your configuration settings. Things that seem to work are disabling V-Sync, running the game at native resolution without anti-aliasing, reducing audio latency, compiling shaders before starting, checking Asynchronous (Skip Drawing), Skip EFB Access from CPU, etc. If you need additional help, head to #🔨tech-support and if all else fails, Google is your best friend.

Q) I followed the instructions to install but I'm still having issues, where and how do I ask for help?

A) Normally there should be a remedy or maybe a missed step in your setup process, so start there. If that doesn't work, head to the #tech-support channel in the discord server. If you have a question that is answered in the introduction channels, we will direct you there. Please be clear and concise with the issue, along with any screenshots you can provide. Thank you.


Q) How do I get into the competitive scene?

A) Step one would be to join the discord server. There is a #🤼competitive-discussion channel in our discord server where top speedrunners and competitive players freely hand out information/advice.  Posting your gameplay in #🎥megalo-station or #⏰speedruns is a particularly great place to get eyes on your gameplay. We have plenty of players who love to go over gameplay and help where they can. Don't be afraid to ask questions and mix it up too. While gears like Default and Blue Star Two can seem appealing as solo picks, the game isn't fully figured out and you may find a hidden gem. Consult #📚resources pinned messages in the server to find that very useful info. Alternatively, you can also head over to the competitive page with a detailed list of the patch notes on the website.

Q) Why can't I pause after the start line in 2 player?

A) You can! Hold to pause. This was done to fit the tournament experience. Pausing during a bracket match results in an instant forfeit of the round. Accidentally pausing would really suck, wouldn't it?

Q) I don't like the new music. Can I listen to the original tracks?

A) Yes you can. We have not removed any of the original tracks. All tracks within a specific area of the game (Menu, stage, or the end of a race) play at random. Simply pause and retry until you obtain the desired track. There is no way to disable the extra tracks though. Honestly, if you've been playing Riders as long as and as much as we have, you'll get sick of listening to one music track that is also shared between every two stages. Also the same menu and end-of-race jingle.

Q) How do I check what changes you've made to the game?

A) General changes, Music list, Patch Notes.

Q) I don't like how the texture pack looks, can I turn it off?

A) The texture pack is a completely optional and separate entity from Sonic Riders Tournament Edition. YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE IT TO PLAY THE MOD. The best part about the texture pack is that it's completely customizable. If you don't like the redrawn assets that were done by our art team, you can simply use the 4K upscale of the original textures that we also provide. When you actually look at the folders in the texture pack, you will see the essential textures categorized for your convenience. Simply remove or replace whatever you don't like. Edit the stuff we made to your liking in Photoshop or something. Even mix and match from multiple options within the packs. The choice is yours. You can even use your own customized version of the texture pack online! No one but you can see your textures, so you cannot desync in netplay for having different textures than your opponent.

Q) Why are there no new levels?

A) Short answer, it hasn't happened yet.

Q) Why don't you use the PC version?

A) Short answer, it's easier. Dolphin's debug tools allow for the simpler tasks of changing existing gears, characters, new characters, and modding in music easily. While we would love to hop over to the PC port, it is a huge undertaking to get to the point we are at now with the GameCube port. Dolphin also has a built-in netplay feature. We would have to develop a fully-fledged system for PC netplay. A former team member actually did make a beta for PC netplay. It was buggy, but it still somewhat functioned.PC development isn't being continued by the SRTE for the moment, but this could change with advancements being made by other parties.

Q) I want to present suggestions and/or potential improvements for the mod. Where do I do it?

A) Make your way to the #suggestions channel in the discord, it's near the bottom. If you are suggesting music, there is a certain method we'd like you to do it in. Next to each track you submit, add what area in the game you think it would be a good fit for.

Q) I want to prove I'm the best on extreme gear by competing in tournaments. How do I know when one is happening and how do I sign up?

A) Tournaments are held on a consistent basis in the server and can be found in the events tab in discord itself, or in the #event-calander channel. Tournaments can range from beginner intermediate and expert tournaments to tournaments with special rules. To participate, simply type .iam competitive player in #📝tourney-signups and you will receive a temporary role called @Competitive Player so that we can ping to call matches and such.

Q) Is everything is unlocked in the mod? How do I access secret characters?

A) Yes, everything is unlocked. Secret characters such as Hatsune Miku, Reala, & GonGon can be accessed via "Ex-Loading". To access an "Ex-Load", you must press X while hovered over the specific character slot that has one. (Kind of like an echo fighter from SSBU) For example, to select Hatsune Miku, hover over Ulala and press the X button. It’ll switch her to Miku. Even some gears possess Ex Loads such as High Booster and Super Sonic. The question marks on the character selection screen do not indicate characters that need to be unlocked, rather characters that are coming to a future patch.

Q) How can I support you guys?

A) There are plenty of ways! Subbing to the community twitch channel will help fund future events. Some team members have individual direct links to support them. If you want to donate to the prize pool of a specific event, contact one of us. If you can't donate, don't feel bad for a second. Simply participating in our community was, is, and always will be enough for us.

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