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General Mechanics Changes

Magnetic Impulse(MI)

A new mechanic to Sonic Riders. This is a comeback factor that interacts with Turbulence and Slipstream. If the player behind has not interacted with Turbulence or Slipstream for a prolonged period of time, they will gain more air and speed from certain actions. This is reliant on a timer and the player's placement being below 1st place. Similar to Slipstream, the longer you are under the effects of Magnetic Impulse, the stronger it becomes. MI reaches full power in 20 seconds. When under the effects of Turbulence and Slipstream for a second straight, Magnetic Impulse is stalled and begins to decay. It takes 15 seconds for MI's intensity to decay completely. MI will reignite when the timer for Turbulence and Slipstream deprivation has been reached again. When that happens, the intensity of MI picks up where it left off. MI will mainly come into play on stages where Slipstream and Turbulence are not as present, or when a player is no longer within the range of these comeback factors. While the player will gain access to more resources, it is up to them to make use of it.

Effect Specifics:

Red BM Streak - indicates that MI is active and being used

Blue BM Streak -  indicates that MI is dormant and not being used

Max MI - both streaks are present at the same time, slightly bigger, and are rotating very fast

After one second of no slipstream or turbulence, the red particle starts rotating around the character. As soon as you break one of the conditions for MI and the MI begins to decay, the red streak will fade and the blue one will take over. This is to signify that you still have an MI value: it's just not in effect at the moment.

Fast Fall

A brand new mechanic to Sonic Riders. Holding the B button in fall state or trick state will result in the player falling faster than normal. The longer you hold the button, the more velocity you will gain. The speed and cost at which you fall is determined by the character and gear's weight. Lighter characters will consume less air when fast falling, while heavier characters will consume more. The base fast falling velocity is the same for every character; however, heavier characters will fall much faster than lighter characters because their weight is accounted for in the equation.

Light Characters

Mid-weight Characters

Heavy Characters

S Rank Speed Up

S rank tricks give you 100 extra speed when performed. This encourages trick variety: it's an intentional trick that doesn't give you a lot of air. You still need ample charge to do it, so missing your charge when you originally aimed to do an X rank won't be an option, since a no-charge jump on most ramps will only net you up to A+. Sometimes on certain ramps, you can get an S+ with no charge. However, on those ramps, a normal S is still not possible because despite it being a lower rank, S ranks take longer to perform than an S+. To balance the introduction of S rank tricks speed-ups, ring gears by default will now lose rings when they perform tricks lower than S+. This takes the form of a new special flag, known as Trick of Greed.

Other Trick Changes

- The infamous slow trick speed "bug", that would happen on automatic ramps has been fixed. As an added bonus, you can now spam tricks off of manual ramps.

- Getting an X rank on certain ramps is excruciatingly difficult, requiring insane levels of timing and precision. In the realm of netplay, the task of consistently pulling this off is arguably unreasonable. In response, landing in the last half of the side flip animations are moderately more lenient, while landing backwards or forwards is a little more lenient. This allows for previously impossible trick combinations and slightly easier X ranks.

Tornado Slingshot

Other Tornado Changes

Level 1 tornadoes last twice as long as before

Level 3 tornadoes last 50% longer than before

Clutch Mode

Hold Z or use the Ytoggle to go through turbulence, pits, and tornadoes. When going through turbulence or tornados this way, your air is drained: slightly while exiting turbulence and exponentially when going through tornadoes.

Note: In addition, we tightened up the cone on slipstream and make it a little stronger. This is so it is worth cruising through turbulence while immune for small periods of time, while safer players can ride on the turbulence for guaranteed speed and no air cost.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

New Stat

The addition of weight effects in SRTE 1.4 adds a new and interesting layer of depth to the competitive meta of Sonic Riders. Weight effects now influence uphill speed loss and downhill speed gain, which can multiply speed considerably after a well-timed boost chain. Additionally, heavier characters need to begin charging their jump earlier, as they will require more time to gain a full jump charge. Perhaps the most interesting change is the fact that heavier characters will naturally fall faster. While this specific weight effect is not immediately perceivable, it becomes much more apparent when using the newly implemented fast-fall mechanic. Players will need to take into account the weight of their character, and calculate the risks and rewards associated with utilizing a fast fall at a given time during a match, all within the course of a few fractions of a second.

Weight affects...

- How fast characters fall naturally and when using the fast fall feature.

- How long it takes to get to max jump charge.

- How much speed you gain when travelling downhill.

- How much speed you lose when travelling uphill.

- How much speed you lose when travelling off-road.

Item Changes

- Magnet's life span has been increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Gives +50% MI

- There are now speed shoe boxes place all throughout the stages

- The 100 ring box has been replaced with an omega speed shoe

- There is now a new kind of ring box: 5 rings

- The probability of getting speed shoes from a random item box at level 1 & 2 is 0%.

At level 2, it increases to 20%.

By doing things this way, we decrease the frustration players have when not leveling up from random boxes and increase the chance of getting speed shoes when the player actually wants them. We want the RNG in the game to still exist, as we think that it's still somewhat important for the game's charm and soul. The change is simply to skew it much more in the player's favor now. While this may slow down level 4 gears from getting to their final form, they aren't really played on stages where this would matter. Level 4 gears by design are most viable on stages where there are massive stashes of rings that could bypass the ring collecting process, such as Splash Canyon.


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