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Welcome to Tier List Page! Here you will learn about some of the best picks in the current update of Sonic Riders Tournament Edition! There is a cool features on this page where you can leave a "like" on your favorite tier list by clicking on their list and giving it a heart! If you would like your tier list to be displayed on the website, please let us know in the discord!

Tier Lists  


1.4 Gears

1.4 Stages

1.4 Characters

my-image (2).png
Egg HD.png
E10000B HD.png
E10000G HD.png
Cream HD.png
Amy HD.png
Wave HD.png
AiAi HD.png
Tails HD.png
Storm HD.png
Shadow HD.png
Sonic HD.png
Knuckles HD.png
Rouge HD.png
Jet HD.png

Previous patch tier lists coming soon!

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