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Tips From the Boys

  • You can hold the Z button to activate clutch mode. This allows you to go through turbulence, pits, and tornadoes at any time. You can also press the Y button to toggle the function on or off. Going through tornadoes will subtract a lot of air so be cautious. If you do not have the air to spend, you will be launched like normal.

  • Characters are more subtly unique than the extreme gears. In the original game, you would pretty much only ever play Shadow, Tails, or Aiai for each type respectively due to their extra boost duration making every other character obsolete. In Tournament Edition, some characters work better on specific gears than others due to having differing top speed, boost duration, attack range, attack stun, drift dash speeds, etc.

  • You can exit turbulence by inputting the tornado command. You get invincibility when exiting this way. Use this technique to dodge incoming tornadoes placed at the end of turbulence.

  • Once you exit turbulence, you cannot merge into it again for a couple of seconds. This will allow you to approach opponents in their turbulence, exit the turbulence, and then immediately boost into them without the worry of merging again.

  • If an Extreme Gear's tornado cost is lower than its boost cost, it is most likely capable of spawning a tornado in its caution state. (this is on a case by case basis)

  • You can raise your top speed in turbulence by pressing the "A" button when you reach the apex on either side of the wind curves. (You'll know you've executed it successfully when your character does a 360 animation on their extreme gear.)

  • You gain a flat amount of additional speed from dash panels instead of being capped to a specific speed. Make sure to time boosts and drift dashes before hitting the panels so that you dodge the speed caps of your gear's boost speed and drift dash speed.

  • Ability granting gears are a huge boon! However, make sure you choose characters and stages that compensate for their generally low stat values.

  • Conserve your air, boost wisely. (Consider the location and current speed). Sometimes hold off on boosting if you know you're opponent will catch up yo you regardless. This will leave you with more resources to work with upcoming player interactions.

  • Don't be afraid to use lots of air if you're certain of an upcoming level up or "Quick Time Event". This will maximize your remaining air's value.

Some Helpful Videos!

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