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Hohoho! Welcome to my Egg Fortress!

I hate that Sonic! He always seems to get in my way! But I bet he can't foil my master plan this time! All systems are ready for set up of Sonic Riders Tournament Edition so we can take down Sonic once and for all!

 You will obey me! Watch these videos!

Egg HD.png

Link to Riders Dolphin Emulator



For more information, visit our Discord.

Basic Netplay Setting

Some Dolphin settings that can help you to have a smooth netplay experience in SRTE:


Set backend to Direct3D 11 (This is dependent on what plays nice with your graphics, so experiment with these. Direct3D 11 is normally less intensive, but if you use Linux, Mac, or a mobile device, you won't have access to it)
Select your graphics card/built-in graphics, they'll say Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA

Check "Show FPS"
Check "Show NetPlay Ping"

---Shader Compilation--
Set to "Asynchronous (Skip Drawing)"
Check "Compile Shaders Before Starting"


--Other Enhancements--
The usability of these settings are more dependent on your hardware. If you have a decent GPU, you can make things look nice. If you have an integrated graphics card, you won't be able to improve much. No matter what, it's important to have a smooth 60fps experience, so scale these settings in mind.



---Embedded Frame Buffer (EFB)---
Check Skip EFB Access to CPU
Check Ignore Format Changes
Check Store EFB Copies to Texture Only

---External Frame Buffer (XFB)---
Check Store XFB Copies To Texture Only
Check Skip Presenting Duplicate Frames

Check Fast Depth Calculation-Check Disable Bounding Box

And that's it! Remember that for SRTE, performance is critical.




-Load Custom Textures
-Prefetch Custom Textures 

-Backend Multithreading
-Borderless Fullscreen



Ready to start playing online?

General Pointers

You or your friend may have slow internet which we usually determine via ping. Click here and click "Run Test" to find out how fast or slow your internet is. The person with lower ping and stronger internet should be the one to host. The lower the ping, the better. Ping over 30 is ok-ish, but 50+ is bad.


Buffer (sacrificing input speed for better connection) should be anywhere from 3 (both players have fantastic internet) to 15 (both players have decent connection). Buffer over 15 isn't very good, and anything over 20 is unplayable.

NEVER ENABLE HOST INPUT AUTHORITY EVER. Makes the host inputs work better than the connectors, creating an unfair experience. Also, if you are in different countries, it will most likely lag unless you both have strong internet.


Note: This doesn't apply to every situation, however. There are some instances where ping reaches up to 100-200 ms. As long as the game runs at 60fps with little to no stutter, under 15 pad buffer, you are qualified to enter tournaments. Parsec can also be used during friendlies, however, it isn't typically used in a tournament setting. Keep that in mind.

More help on connecting and hosting?

Egg HD.png

Looks you made this far! Speck to some of my comrades for more advice!

You must take down Sonic! 

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