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Welcome to your first step into Sonic Riders Tournament Edition online! Here you'll find every step you need to get started and get racing as as soon as possible.

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1st Step: Get Riders Dolphin!

We play on the latest Riders build of Dolphin, which you can find always in our Discord here ( In order to use Netplay, whether you are hosting or connecting, you should always make sure you are using the latest build. 


2nd Step: Hosting your own room!


After everyone checked their versions of the game, you can host your own room, by going into Tools> Start Netplay…, then choosing the Host section. After that, you can set the steps in this order: 1- Set connection type to Traversal, it's our usual type of connection. 2- Set your username to something you would like (it would be appreciated if it was indentical to your Discord username, or at least related to it). 3-You choose the game you want to play, which in our case is Sonic Riders (GXEE8P). You can tell from the list on the starting screen, because the order is the same as the opening screen.

You can also host a room directly, after doing this first setup, right-clicking the game/version you want to use, and it will send you directly to the next window, as it is shown in the picture below.


After you successfully make a room, you will be able to do the following:


You can copy the code shown in 1, in order for other people to join you from the connect window (check the “Connecting” section for more information). After that, you will see the ping from the player that is not the host in 2, and that will help you determine the buffer (3). The optimal buffer is the lowest you can go, without stuttering the game itself, but keep in mind that the more you increase the buffer, the more input delay is going to occur. You can also use the “Assign Controller Ports”, you can control if and who has the designated controls as player 1, player 2, etc., or even just unplug them from the game, which is useful in tournaments, to unplug the tournament organizer. After the connection is done, you can press Start (circled), and it will start the game. The window above it has a chat for all the players inside the room, and that you should use once you have the room set up. The buffer can still be adjusted while the game is running, but new players cannot join, and controller ports cannot be reassigned.

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Although a controller/gamepad is recommended, you can use several types of controllers. There are keyboard players, fight stick players, you name it!

  • An ethernet connection, or a powerline adapter is recommended to play with other people, because connection can get unstable, and ruin the experience for everyone involved!

  • In most games, add roughly 1 pad buffer per 15 ms of latency per client. Two players at 50 ms latency would be roughly 3 - 4 buffer, whereas three players at 50 and 65 ms would be roughly 7 buffer.

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