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Sonic Riders Term Glossary


Written by Sir Genexis & Kid Chameleon, edited by Protag & Logic Mage.

Category; Universal Mechanics


  • Acceleration - Acceleration refers to the initial speed a gear gains coupled with its top speed. Lower acceleration means a gear will take longer to reach its top speed. (potentially show a clip of someone's speed rising)

  • AOE/Area-Of-Effect - This refers to the Level 2 attacks of Sonic, Metal Sonic, Emerl, Tails, AiAi and the attacks of Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Neo Metal Sonic. The characteristics of these attacks don't stop them when they land a hit and have a much bigger attack range than most attacks.

  • Air - Air is the main resource used in Sonic Riders. You gain air by doing tricks, taking type shortcuts, going through a QTE, and taking a pit stop. On the contrary, you lose air from cruising, boosting, drifting, and charging your jump.

  • Air Pit/Pit Stop - While racing throughout the track you will see air pits, which you can take to refill your air. Ring Gears and Supers cannot use air pits.

  • Archetype - In SRTE, there are 7 different archetypes for each respective type. Combat,  Late Booster, Top Speed, Drift, All-Rounder, Trickster, and Boost.

- Combat characters have an additional 80+ frames of boost duration at Level 1 and 2 with a 4% BCM.

- Late Boosters have an additional 60+ frames of boost duration at Level 2 and 3
Top Speed characters have a higher top speed compared to other archetypes and receive an additional 40+ frames of boost duration at all levels.
Drift Characters have a 20+ drift cap, meaning they gain more speed from drift dashes.
 benefit from all archetype bonuses, having 20+ frames of boost duration at all levels, slightly higher top speed and +10 drift cap, and a 2% BCM compared to other archetypes.
Tricksters are a much different archetype introduced in 2.0. Tricksters have increased trick speed when exceeding their normal jump charge,+30 trick landing speed, increased jump height, and 75% fastfall cost. Unlike most other characters Tricksters have two unique abilities called "Super Leap" allowing them to make difficult jumps very easily, and Afterburner giving them surplus amounts of air back.
Boost characters were introduced in 2.0, Boost characters retain their boost duration after jumping and using type shortcuts, they also receive +1, +2, and +3 boost speed at each level respectively. While boosting, they have an additional 250% acceleration.
Omni-Rounder  is a variant of the All-Rounder archetype that is specially given to E-10G, giving him an additional +80 frames of boost duration at all levels, +12/13/14 top speed for each level respectively, +20 drift cap, and a 5% BCM.

- Wild Card  characters do not adhere to any preset conventions, instead, each individual character has a set of defining abilities that drastically alter the way they operate on gears.​ Emerl is the first in this line of characters. For Emerl, Wild Card grants +20/15/5 top speed for each level and +30/15/5 drift cap bonus. He is also equipped with a passive ability known as Gizoid Replication.

  • Attack State/Boost - Boosting is what happens when you press the B or X button, this could also be referred to as "Attack State". It gives you a burst of speed at the cost of some air with a default value of 200 at level 1, 230 at level 2, and 250 at level 3.

  • Boost Chain - A Boost Chain is what happens when you boost while drifting. It multiplies the speed you are currently going at, by 19.37%. Some gears have a higher boost chain modifier.
    (Note* Boost Chains multiply your CURRENT speed meaning it is possible to lose speed when boost chaining. It's best to use it when you are going about the same speed as your normal boost speed, if not higher. )

  • Boost Chain Modifier (BCM) - Boost Chain Modifier refers to how strong a gear's "boost chain" is, some gears have a higher boost chain modifier; adding onto the initial 19.37% value, making their boost chains stronger than average. 
    (Note* Every gear above >200/230/250 boost speed PER speed, has an extra 0.001% above normal BCM.)
    (Double Note* Ring gears multiply the value (19.37%) by 1/3rd.)

  • Boost Duration - Boost Duration is how long your boost will last. With a base value of 120 frames at level 1, 150 at level 2, and 180 at level 3. Ring Gears, Super Sonic, and Super Shadow are unaffected, being perpetually stuck at level 1 boost duration. Power Gear Advantage-S, and Super Shadow are able to extend their boost duration by using Boost Control.

  • Boost Speed - Your Boost Speed is a value that determines how fast you go when initiating a boost/dash. It is generally always determined by the gear you choose. Boost Speed doesn't change unless you are boost chaining, going downhill, or under the effects of Slipstream. The only other exception is the Boost character archetype, which receives additional boost speed at all levels: +1, +2, & +3 at each level respectively.

  • Braking - By holding DOWN on your control stick, you can slow down to a halt. After performing the input you don't have to continue holding down.
    (Note* It is still possible to drift even while braking.)

  • Clutch - Clutch is a new mechanic added to SRTE that you can turn on by either holding the Z button or toggling with the Y button. Turning on Clutch mode ignores Turbulence, Tornadoes, and Air Pits. Your trail will turn purple to signify when you are using it. (There isn't an inherent price to having Clutch activated, although using Cutch to leave turbulence or pass through tornadoes will cost air.)

  • Clutch Mode Drop/CMD Exit - The alternative to leaving turbulence by using Clutch mode, when using this method it will cost you 10 air or 3 rings per exit.

  • Combat (Term) - Combat, on the CSS, refers to a gear's combat capabilities. Possessing traits such as extra attack range, attack stun, higher boost speed, lower boost cost, higher peak speed, will be indicated on the CSS by increasing the amount of stars correlated to this stat.

  • CPU Mode/AutopilotAfter starting a race, if you press DOWN on your DPAD, you will toggle being turned into a CPU. While in CPU mode your exhaust trail will disappear and all sound effects will be disabled for your character. 

  • Cruise - Cruising refers to doing nothing, entirely dependent on your gear’s top speed, the only way to gain speed while cruising is either using drift dashes or utilizing Slipstream. You will lose speed while cruising by turning, charging your jump, or going offroad.

  • Daze - An attack effect where the attacked player becomes partially immobilized. It is characterized by the character. During this state, boosting is not possible. However, the player can still drift, drift dash, charge jump, jump, tornado, and enter turbulence. Entering turbulence cancels the effects of Daze.

  • Deceleration - Deceleration is the rate of how fast your speed will drop relative to your current MAX top speed, meaning you will decelerate faster on gears with a high boost speed but low top speed.
    (Note* The speed of deceleration remains the same at all levels)

  • Drift - Drifting occurs whenever you press a shoulder button (L/R) input. While you're drifting you can't normally gain speed unless you are going downhill or using slipstream. It is possible to lose speed if you're already going faster than your Drift Cap. In some unique cases, you will gain speed for drifting. 

  • Drift Cap - Your drift cap is the maximum amount of speed you're able to get from a drift dash. Your drift cap can fluctuate heavily depending on how fast you're going, meaning the further you are from your drift cap while drifting, the faster you'll go when you release it.

  • Drift Dash/Drift Boost - A Drift Dash refers to the burst of speed you get after performing a drift for a certain amount of time. Your exhaust trail will turn a cyan color when your drift dash is ready. The only exception to this is Beginner.

  • Dual-Type/Monotype - Monotype refers to only one type. This is how you refer to a character using a gear that doesn't grant a type or using a gear that grants them the same type. Dual-Type refers to two types at once. This is how you refer to gears do that give you another type.

  • Efficiency - Efficiency, on the CSS, refers to a gear's air usage and ease of use. (May or may not be accurate.)

  • EX Load - While on the character select screen, if you press L or X button while selecting a character, you will get a different version of said character changing their appearance and sometimes their type. Here are the current EX Loads as of 2.2: 
    Super Sonic into Perfect Nazo (Cosmetic)
    Super Sonic into Hyper Sonic
    Super Sonic into Dark Sonic (Cosmetic)
    Nights into Reala (Boost)
    Ulala into
    Hatsune Miku (Combat)
    E10G into E10B/E10R (Grants Power/Speed Type)
    Metal Sonic into Neo Metal Sonic (Cosmetic)
    Metal Sonic with Scarf (Cosmetic)
    High Booster into
    G.U.N Gear 

  • Extreme Detach - By pressing L or R, Z and up on the C-stick, you can instantly air out.
    (Note* Advantage-S and Beginner are unable to use this mechanic.)

  • Fastfall - When holding the B button while in the air, you will fall faster at the cost of your air. Your weight determines how fast you fall and how much air you burn. Heavier characters burn more and fall faster, with lighter characters burning less.

  • Flatten - An attack effect where the attacked player becomes partially immobilized, only being able to cruise and charge a jump. It is characterized by the player being in a cartoonishly squashed state.

  • Fly State - When going off of a fly ramp, you will be put into Fly State, giving you inverted flight controls (go down to go up). The speed you gain is determined by your gear's top speed.
    (Note* This speed is affected by MI.)

  • Fly Type - Tails, Nights, Reala, Wave, Rouge, Cream, and Silver are all Fly type characters, meaning they are the only characters that can use Fly shortcuts, with the exception of Super characters, Access, and Omnipotence. Fly Type characters have lower top speed compared to all other types.

  • High Boosting - "High Boosting" refers to gears with an above-average boost speed at all levels. High-boosting gears spend almost twice as much air as a regular gear when boosting and while using Tornado Ignore.

  • Grind - When playing as a Speed type or when using Grinder, you're able to grind on a rail by jumping and tapping the A button near a rail.
    (Note* You don't have to tap A near a rail to latch on, simply pressing A at any time while in the air will allow you to ride it the moment you're close enough.)

  • Jumping - Holding the A button will make your character charge their jump, while you're in the air you can't get hit by an attack. Your jump height is determined by your character's weight. While charging your jump you will begin to lose speed, but you are still able to drift and boost. If you're boosting while charging your jump, it will be immediately canceled but you will still gain speed.
    (Note* Jump charge speed loss does not apply to Default, Hovercraft, Fastest, Cover-P,  Hang-On, and Advantage-F.)

  • Legend - When a gear has "Legend" effect, it means that it has max jump charge even without charging its jump. On the gear, "Legend" itself, because it already has this effect, it instead gains trick speed, allowing you to do tricks faster.
    (Note* Landing or getting hit by an attack will give you Legend effect for 1 second.)

  • L-Cancel - While performing tricks, if you press L / R within 5 frames (7 on Tricksters) before landing, you can guarantee a good landing. At the cost of this, you can't boost for 2 seconds. You will be put on a 30-frame lockout timer if you try to mash it.
    (Note* Mashing this input and failing will result in the L-Cancel to fail.)

  • Level Up - After collecting a certain amount of rings, your character will level up, increasing all of their stats at once; reaching level 2 at 30 rings, and level 3 at 60 rings. Certain gears have a “Level 4" at 90 rings, refilling your air when reached but only giving one unique buff. The stat gains are:
    +13 Top Speed
    +10 Drift Cap
    +30 frames of Boost Duration
    +10 Run Speed
    (Note* Does not apply to ring gears or gears with Level 4.)

  • Magnetic Impulse (MI) - Magnetic Impulse is a new mechanic added in SRTE. When you are in second place and haven't used turbulence or slipstream for one second, your character will gain an energy orb that will rotate around them. The speed at which the orb rotates indicates MI's current strength value. When you are under the effects of Max MI:
    - Grind Rails give you 50% more speed and air

      - Fly Hoops give you 20% more speed (this accounts for your top speed) and air
      - Power Objects give you 50+ speed per object and more air
      - Air Pits will give you air much faster
      - Tricks will give you +50 air (per trick rank) and additional speed while landing
      - Dash Panels give you +50 speed
      - Sign Grinding will give you more air
      - Ring Gears will not passively drain rings
      - Gain an additional 2 rings from ring boxes
      -100% more speed and air from airboxes and speed shoes
      -+120 speed from Tornado Slingshot 

          Double MI -  - Due to not being able to use type shortcuts, No-Type receives Double MI, meaning they will gain twice as much speed and air from all sources. This gets removed if the character/gear in question gains a type.
(Note* These are the values when under maximum impulse)
You will know when you're using MI and reaching maximum impulse, as there is a unique sound and visual effect that will show. 
(Red Orb = Active, Blue Orb = Inactive, Red & Blue = Maximum Impulse)

  • Momentum Hold - When holding a shoulder button, you will be able to jump from a rail while keeping your momentum. Doing this allows you to make certain jumps much easier.
    (Note* It's possible to momentum hold using B though it is much faster as it's mapped to the same button as fastfalling.)

  • No-Type - Used exclusively on Advantage-P, Advantage-F, E10G, and Emerl. No-Type gears/characters cannot use type shortcuts but at the cost of this, have higher overall stats compared to most gears. No-Type users have Double MI meaning they gain twice as much air and speed when reaching maximum impulse.
    (Note* Using E10G with a gear that gives a type removes Double MI. This also applies to Emerl gaining a type.)

  • Negative Air/Air Debt - Only applicable when fastfalling with no air. Your air gauge will fall past the initial limit and will plummet offscreen. You cannot use your gear when in this state and will need to reach 0 air to board it again.

  • Obscure - An attack effect where the attacked player becomes partially immobilized, only being able to cruise and charge a jump. It is characterized by the player's screen being obstructed by fog.

  • Omnitype - Super Sonic, Super Shadow,  and Omnipotence are Omnitype gears, meaning they have access to all type shortcuts. At the cost of being able to take all type routes, they suffer from reduced shortcut speed, making them slower than Monotype gears.

  • Passive Air Drain - This refers to the air you lose while cruising or drifting.
    (Note* Does not apply to Faster)

  • Power Type - Knuckles, Amy, Storm, AiAi, GonGon, Eggman, E10R, Chaos 0, and Tikal are Power-type characters. They are the only characters that can destroy power objects. The exceptions to this are Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Destroyer, and Omnipotence. Power Types are usually heavy and compensate for raw stats over type shortcut speed.

  • Power Object - Power Objects refer to the objects that Power-type characters can smash through, for each object destroyed you will gain air multiplied by the objects you have destroyed in quick succession. When scaling with MI, Power Objects give you additional speed and air.
    (Note* Not all Power Objects give you the same amount of air.)

  • QTE/Quick-Time Event - QTE refers to the section of the stages where you are meant to spin your stick. In SRTE you do not have to spin your stick, as it automatically does it. Giving you max air and speed.

  • Rail Dash/Hoop Dash - While grinding a rail or using a fly hoop, you can press L to gain a burst of speed at the cost of your air. While grinding a rail your hitbox will be active, making it possible to land an attack while in this state. Unlike Rail Dashing, Hoop Dashing does not have a hitbox and instead can ONLY be used when hitting a fly hoop. Exceeding your air cost will cause you to drop immediately. Using either of these will rapidly drain your MI.
    (Note* You can only Rail Dash once per rail, you must jump again to refresh it.)

  • Ramp - Ramps in Sonic Riders come in three variations, you have to hold different directions to focus on height or longitude; 
    Quarter Pipe
    Half Pipe
    Manual Ramp
    (Ramps also account for when you release your jump button and how long you charge it, meaning it's possible to still get bottom path despite holding up or down.)

  • Recipro - When you're using Turbulence, you can press the A button to perform a spinning maneuver giving you +25 speed for every rotation.

  • Recipro Burst - By pressing L+R, you can drop out of Turbulence. By doing this input you will be granted:
    - 30+ frames of invincibility
    - No Air Cost
    - Recipro Extend

    (You cannot use Turbulence for 3 seconds after doing this)

  • Recipro Drop - An alternative to exiting Turbulence, by using Clutch. Costing you 10 air when exiting. Unlike Recipro Burst, you are able to reenter Turbulence just as quickly as you leave it. (Note* You cannot use this against Slide Booster.)

  • Recipro Extend - When falling off of a rail, sign grinding, and after dropping out of Turbulence using L+R or by falling off the very tail-end of it, you will be given the "Legend" effect meaning you will be able to get top path by simply pressing A.
    (Note* Failing to press A in time results in a bad jump)

  • Rings - Rings are the main resource used when leveling up and riding a Ring Gear.

  • Ring Gear - Unique types of gears that use rings as fuel. They follow a different set of rules than Air Gears. Ring Gears cannot level up, use air pits, or gain rings from tricks or type shortcuts. "The Crazy" is the only ring gear that can gain rings from performing tricks. Super Tails is the only gear that can alternate between using rings or air.

  • Running - When you run out of air you will be put into the "Run" state, while you are in the run state, you will not be able to be attacked but you are still susceptible to tornadoes. You are still able to use type shortcuts while running. Power Types have better handling while Speed types have higher run speed, Fly types are in the middle of speed and handling. 
    (Note* Although all speed types run faster in Run state, Sonic will always be the fastest while running. Goated inclusion I'm afraid.)

  • Shock - An attack effect where the attacked player becomes completely immobilized. It is characterized by the character being electrocuted and then burnt to a crisp.

  • Sign Grinding - Sign Grinding refers to unique walls that you can grind on to gain air and speed, unlike most objects that give air, ring gears gain rings from sign grinding. This term only applies to Metal City, Night Chase, Ice Factory, Sky Road, and Sega Carnival. (Show footage of the specific sign grind locations)

  • Slipstream - When racing, there's an invisible cone behind your character, where, if your opponent is behind you, they will gain speed for every frame that they are behind you, this scales with how close your opponent is relative to you. Slipstream scales with your acceleration, gears with high acceleration will reach the slipstream cap much faster This caps at +30 speed, but this speed is not hard capped.
    (Note* +30 speed applies to all sources of speed, meaning it will affect your boost and boost chains. Ex.) 250 Boost Speed + Max Slipstream (+30) = 280)

  • Speed Type - Sonic, Shadow, Jet, Ulala, Hatsune Miku, E10B, Metal Sonic and Blaze are Speed Type characters, they are the only characters that can use Speed shortcuts. Super Tails, Grinder and Omnipotence are exceptions. Speed Type characters do not have any additional bonuses, only being affected during run state and their archetype.

  • Spinout - A status effect inflicted by most lower-level attacks, causing the player to be knocked away. This will briefly lock the player's controls.

  • Tempo - A statistic seen on the character selection screen, it refers to the general speed the gear travels at. This factors in both its top speed and boost speed. This stat is more gear dependent than character-dependent.

  • Tether - This term is used to refer to any attack that is NOT an AOE. Tethers take priority over AOE attacks, meaning they will win most interactions.

  • Top Speed - The maximum amount of speed your character is able to gain while cruising. Your top speed is affected by both your character and your gear. Your top speed increases with your level. Your Top Speed increases when going downhill and using slipstream.

  • Tornado - By pressing L+R while not on Turbulence, you will drop a tornado that becomes more powerful the higher your level is. Tornadoes will stop anyone so long as their clutch is not on and they're not using a high-boosting gear.
    Level 1 - One small tornado
    Level 2 - Two rotating tornadoes
    Level 3 - One massive tornado

  • Tornado Ignore - When you're in Clutch mode, you will be able to go through tornadoes at the cost of some of your air, with the amount of air increasing while boosting. There are two types of tornado ignore while boosting.
               ● Tornado Pass - On gears with standard boosting speed >200/230/250, your boost will be stopped and you will lose a portion of your air.
              ● Tornado Tank - On high boosting gears <200/230/250, your boost will continue but your speed will be halved and you will lose a large portion of your air. 
    You cannot Tornado Ignore if you do not have enough air. Using Tornado Ignore will also take away 15% of your MI.

  • Tornado Slingshot - By skimming past a tornado, you will gain a burst of speed. There is a unique visual and sound effect to indicate this. This technique is disabled if Clutch mode is active.

  • Turbulence - When you're in second place, your opponent will produce a stream of wind called "Turbulence". When you're riding turbulence, you can press A to do a spin maneuver, commonly known as a "Recipro", giving you 25+ speed per spin. You cannot escape turbulence unless you press either L + R or use Clutch mode.

  • Turbulence Trick - When riding turbulence you will see arrows near its edges. If you ride against them you will perform a turbulence trick, giving you a massive amount of speed and air.

  • Tricking - When jumping off of a ramp, you will be put into trick state, to perform tricks, you have to move the control stick in different directions. If you run into a wall while in trick state, you will be given a C rank.

  • Trick Rank - There are 7 trick ranks, each giving you a different amount of air and speed.

     C: 0 Speed 20+ Air

     B: 100 Speed 30+ Air
     A: 150 Speed 40+ Air
     A+: 150 Speed 45+ Air
     S: 300 Speed 40+ Air
     S+: 200 Speed 60+ Air
     X: 240 Speed 100+ Air

  • Twist - An attack effect where the attacked player becomes completely immobilized. It is characterized by the character being cartoonishly spun into a stretchy spiral.

  • Weight - Weight has been overhauled in SRTE. In Tournament Edition every gear and character has a weight value, affecting a number of different things, such as:
    How fast your character falls
    How much air your character consumes when fastfalling
    How long it takes to reach max jump charge (8 - 12 additional frames)
    Speed when you're going up and downhill
    Speed loss when going offroad
    The amount of air you lose when going through tornadoes
    (Note* Only characters with extreme weight differences have a noticeable effect in gameplay.)



Category; Acronyms/Tech/Competitive Terms

  • JCBC - Jump Cancel Boost Chain (BBC)
    To perform a "JCBC", simply perform a Boost Chain while holding the jump button, because this cancels your boost immediately, you are able to do it multiple times in a row. This technique costs a lot of air but it allows you to multiply your speed many times over. The tech was discovered near the end of development for SRTE version 1.3.
    (Note* The jump button must be held to do multiple jcbcs in a row.)

  • JCBCBC/Bonk Dash - Jump Cancel Bonk Cancel Boost Chain
    To perform a "Bonk Dash", you have to JCBC into a wall and release your jump when bumping into it. Doing this allows you to return to cruising state, letting you boost again almost immediately.

  • JCBCDPC/DPC - Jump Cancel Boost Chain Dash Panel Cancel
    To perform a "JCBCDPC", you must do a JCBC upon reaching a dash panel, adding to your initial boost chain's speed. You will know when you perform it correctly if your boost continues after hitting the dash panel.

  • Attack Slide/Dashtag - To perform an attack slide, you must do a JCBC, however instead of letting go of the drift button and jump button, you continue to hold it. Doing this will allow you to stay in attack state while also charging your jump. This tech is especially useful on Default gear as you don't lose speed while charging your jump. The tech was popularized by Protag, hence the nickname.

  • Cloud - A commonly used nickname for the Hovercraft Gear.

  • Counterpick Stage - Counterpick stages refer to the stages you are able to play after game 1. Before game 1 starts, Player 1 bans one neutral stage while Player 2 bans two other stages; after which, Player 1 decides what stage to race on. After game 1 the winner bans 4 stages of their choice, while the loser must pick from the remaining stages.

  • Main - Main is a term given to your go-to character or strategy. In the context of Sonic Riders, your main is whatever gear/character you decide you will spend the most time practicing with and using most in matches.

  • Neutral - Refers to the "game state" where neither racer has a positional advantage.

  • Neutral Stage - Neutral stages refer to the stages you can pick for game 1. As of now, there are 5 neutral stages; Metal City, Red Canyon, Ice Factory, Digital Dimension, and Sega Illusion.

  • New Toy Syndrome - A phenomenon in both casual and competitive games where new additions overshadow old content due to players wanting to try out the "new toy". It is only after the "shine" wears off will a more accurate picture of that addition's viability be known.

  • Orb - Refers to Shadow's level 3 attack where he encapsulates you in a sphere of chaos energy. The player is completely immobilized curiously leading to the formation of the "Shadow Cult". These are a group of players that swear by maining Shadow due to his attack.

  • Punish - Refers to the act of capitalizing on a player's mistake, usually by attacking them.

  • Running Gear - A commonly used nickname for the Advantage-S gear.

  • Snaking - Snaking is when you perform a drift dash immediately after doing a drift dash. This is an effective way of maintaining air when you don't have enough to boost, commonly used on high-boosting gears due to their high air consumption.

  • The Fatty Shatty - Refers to Eggman's level 3 attack and the devastation it causes to an enemy racer, both in physical stun time, obscuring the racer's vision, and the psychological damage it causes.

  • Trick Buffering - While holding forward or back while charging your jump on a ramp, if you hold left or right before releasing the A button, it will allow you to get maximum height/distance despite starting with a side flip. The utility of this allows you to perform tricks faster while also allowing you to reach the desired trajectory.

  • Trick Cancel - When performing tricks, it's possible to cancel your last trick, making certain trick ranks possible. Trick Canceling isn't guaranteed as you usually need max jump height to perform consistently. (This exploit is not fully understood so some details may be incorrect.)





Category; Unique/Gear Mechanics (may or may not be mutually exclusive)

  • Afterburner - An ability that used to be on Tricksters. After performing a minimum of an S+ or more tricks, you will be given air back over time based off the number of tricks you do. Every trick is a second of air gain. The amount of air gained per second will always be 10, for ring gears it's 3 rings.
    (Note* It has been removed from the game but may one day return in a different form)

  • Attack Veil - A passive ability unique to Berserker, Fastest, Magic Carpet, and Super Neo Metal Sonic. Attack Veil constantly puts you in Attack State, meaning you will always be attacking during a drift, charging your jump, using an air pit, and even while running.

  • Air Lock - Unique to Slide Booster. You cannot ignore/escape this gear's turbulence.

  • Battle Armor - This refers to the counterattack phenomenon that used to be present in the Berserker Gear. In SRTE, it is removed from the Berserker and is instead present in other gears while under certain conditions.
    (Note* This effect technically only exists on Fastest during extended Super Cruise, Magic Carpet while over 50% fuel, and Cover F's battle mode)

  • Blast Gauge - Ability unique to Super and Hyper Sonic, a gauge is built up based upon the number of tricks performed. Depending on the gear, this gauge is used for different abilities (see Collision Chaos and Hyperdrive for examples). Stores up to 20 tricks maximum.

  • Boost Control - Ability unique to Advantage-S, Power Gear, Faster,  and Super Shadow. By holding the B button after your initial boost has ended, you will be able to maintain your boost until you run out of air/rings.

  • Collision Chaos - Ability unique to Super Sonic. By performing tricks you will fill a gauge that scales based on the number of tricks. This gauge gets used when using Rail/Hoop Dashing or boosting through power objects. It won't use your current rings or drain your MI while the gauge is being used. Without any blast gauge, he drains rings and MI like normal.

  • Cover-F - Cover-F has a unique ability where it can change it's archetype by using the DPAD. There are 3 modes you can toggle: Cruising, High-Boosting, and Combat mode. Once you're in a mode, you cannot return to the Default mode. When using any of these modes you will be given a variety of effects. (See spreadsheet for more info.)

  • Crazy Stop Ability unique to Crazy Taxi. When braking above your top speed, it will set your current speed to your top speed. Additionally, it will end your boost state.
    (Note* Using this while getting hit will result in both players being frozen. It doesn’t stop the hit but will freeze both characters until the player being attacked lets go of their brake.)

  • Cruise Control - Ability unique to Light Board and Magic Carpet. After your boost has ended, you will continue to cruise at that speed, only being stopped by; jumping, bumping into a wall or going offroad.
    (Note* Although your speed might drop it's still possible to cruise at your boost speed without boosting again.)

  • Defeatist - Ability unique to Ring Gears. When getting hit by an attack you will lose 5 rings + %based on the number of rings you have.
    >170 rings = 65% ring loss
    150 - 169 rings = 60% ring loss
    131 - 149 rings = 55% ring loss
    101 - 130 rings = 50% ring loss

    100 - 70 rings = 40% ring loss
    69 - 40 rings = 35% ring loss
    39 - 15 = 25% ring loss
    >15 = 1% ring loss

  • Delta Stream - Ability unique to Neo Metal Sonic. When linking type shortcuts, your speed will increase the higher your link is.
    +8% per link on Speed and Fly shortcuts
    +2 speed for Power objects destroyed

  • Drift Levels - Ability unique to Beginner, your exhaust trail will begin to change colors after charging drift for a certain amount of frames, making it much more powerful. 
    Level 1 = 30 frames
    Level 2 = 60 frames
    Level 3 = 90 frames
    Level 4 = 120 frames

  • Drift Tips - Ability unique to Crazy Taxi. When drifting, it will gain rings. This will increase the longer you drift. (Up to 2 seconds for max gain rate.)
    0-40 frames drifted = 1.5 rings a second.
    40-80 frames drifted = 3 rings a second.
    80-120 frames drifted = 3.75 rings a second.
    >120 frames drifted = 6 rings a second.

  • Gambler - Gambler has a unique property that makes all item boxes random, along with this. You do not have a type at level 1, upon reaching level 2 you will get your type back. At level 3, you will become Dual-Type. At level 4 you will become Omnitype. When boosting on Gambler at levels 3 & 4, it costs 5 rings to boost, leveling you down when your ring count is low enough.
    The cycle for Gambler's type cycle follows as Speed>Fly>Power. The exception to this is E10G, where his type will be randomized at levels 2, 3, and 4, along with only being able to become Dual-Type at level 4.

  • G-Diffusion - Ability unique to Cover-P. Press a direction on the dpad to change weight. Left = light mode, right = heavy mode, and up resets the modifier. Costs 15 rings.

  • Gizoid Replication - Ability unique to Emerl. While you're behind your opponent, you will gain their type after a certain amount of time, additionally being able to steal their type by either bumping into them or landing an attack; lasting a certain amount of time, (5s, 10s, 15s at their respective levels) this can be extended by landing an attack. While Emerl has their type, his normal type shortcut speed is multiplied by 1.2, making him naturally faster than mono gears and characters. 20% increased type shortcut.

  • Golden Experience - Ability unique to Hang-On. When landing an attack, You will be locked to level 1, in exchange you will have infinite rings for 3 seconds and +11% BCM.

  • Hyperdrive - Ability unique to Hyper Sonic. After performing a total of 20 tricks, you will be put into a state where you will be given infinite air for about 9 seconds. During Hyperdrive, your ring drain stops, your boost speed becomes 265, your top speed becomes 215, and you lose your boost archetype. Boosting in this state takes a small portion of the meter.

  • Hyper Stream - Ability unique Hyper Sonic, whenever you start a link, a 3 second timer begins counting down. When this timer ends you will be given a certain amount of rings based off the number of links (Total Link Number between all shortcuts x 2). The timer resets when another link or shortcut is used. Hyperdrive will also increase the effects of Hyper Stream by +50%

  • Level 4 - Ability unique to Super Hang-On, Turbo Star and Gambler. Upon reaching level 4 your air will be refilled and you will be given a unique buff. On Turbo Star, you will gain an additional +10 boost speed and +30 frames of boost duration at the cost of no extra air. It also gains +10 drift cap. On Super Hang-On, you will get an air refill and all item boxes that are not guaranteed will instead be turned into speed shoes. Gambler receives +10 boost speed, an air refill, and Omnitype upon reaching level 4.
    (Note* Does not apply to E10G, instead gaining Dual-Type.)

  • Limiter Cut Ability unique to Crazy Taxi. When under a certain amount of speed, your boost speed and boost cost will increase. There are 3 thresholds for this speed:
    <35 under cruising speed = 300
    >35 under cruising speed = 285
    Cruising and above = 240

  • Low Traction - Ability unique to Hovercraft & Magic Carpet. This is the name of the effect that gives a gear "bad turning". It's effectively an oversteering property where turning is slow/unresponsive.

  • Manual Transmission Ability unique to Hang-On. By using the D-PAD you are able to change your gear's level. When changing its level, your passive drain, cruising speed and boost speed will drastically increase at higher levels.

  • Money Crisis - Ability unique to Cover-P. Increases your top speed by 0.5 for every ring collected. 
    (2 rings = 1 speed)

  • Motor Drive - Ability unique to Legend. When charging your jump, your trick speed will be accelerated, gaining you +35 speed for every trick performed. This speed is not capped at 14 tricks.

  • Power Dance - Ability unique to Berserker. By landing an attack you will permanently increase your stats for every hit landing. For each hit you will gain: 
    +1 boost speed 
    +3 top speed 
    -5% air cost. 
    You will lose these effects if you are hit, or run into a tornado.
    (Note* Clutching a tornado will also cause you to lose your stat gains.)

  • Power Slide - Ability unique to Power Gear & Super Knuckles. Whilst drifting you will begin to gain speed on every frame.
    0.3 per frame = Super Knuckles
    1.4 per frame = Power Gear
    (Note* Power Gear is unable to drift dash)

  • Ring Boost - Ability unique to G.U.N Gear. By spending 25 rings and pressing the X button, you can perform a boost for 1 frame at 320 speed. This can be done even at caution/danger air levels.

  • Sticky Fingers/Sticky Fingers Requiem - Ability unique to The Crazy, Accelerator, and Super Shadow. When landing an attack, you will gain rings. The Crazy's version of Sticky Fingers gives you 15 rings on hit. Sticky Fingers Requiem instead takes 20 rings and 30% of your opponent's current air as rings.

  • Super Cruise - Ability unique to Fastest. To Super Cruise, hold down the B button while cruising to accelerate rapidly. If you are over your maximum supercruise speed, you will instead decelerate at a slower rate.

  • Super Transformation - Ability unique to Super Tails & Neo Metal Sonic. They have the ability to transform while racing after collecting 50 rings. Super Tails can activate/deactivate his super state at will with the X button. Neo Metal transforms automatically after collecting 50 rings, and reverts to normal state after they are drained.

  • Super Hang-On - Super Hang-On is very different from most gears. Super Hang-On cannot gain air from tricks, instead losing air on anything that's under an X rank without MI. Super Hang-On's only source of regaining air is using Air Pits, air boxes, MI, or leveling up. When Super Hang-On reaches level 4, your passive air drain increases and all random item boxes will turn into speed shoes, making it impossible to get air back from air boxes once reaching it.

  • Super Leap - Ability unique to Tricksters. By press L / R and performing a jump you can spend 20 air to do a long jump that increases your current speed. A unique sound will play when performed correctly.
    (Note* Accelerator is the only gear that can Super Leap with NO resources.)

  • Terminal Velocity - Ability unique to G.U.N Gear. While traveling at higher speeds, your boost cost will decrease drastically up to -75% less.

  • Trick of Greed - Ability unique to Ring Gears. When landing on an S rank specifically, you will lose 3 rings when landing.
    (Note* Does not apply to Super Sonic or Advantage-F)

  • Trick Payout - Ability unique to "Crazy Taxi" it allows you to gain rings by performing tricks.

      C: 2 rings

      B: 3 rings
      A: 4 rings
      A+: 4.5 rings
      S: 5 rings
      S+: 6 rings
      X: 10 rings
     (This scales with a multiplier of 20%)

  • Tornado Boost - Ability unique to Air Broom, Magic Carpet, Trap Gear, Super Tails and Super Knuckles. When dropping a tornado, you will immediately accelerate to your boost speed, you will also be given recipro extend after dropping a tornado. It is possible to boost chain off of this.

For any gear or character-specific details please refer to the SRTE Spreadsheet.

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