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The SRTE HD Texture Pack is an endeavor directed by Protag. It is considered the premiere texture pack, recommended for those new to the mod. It is a 4k reimagining for most of the game's 2D assets. It provided extra gameplay-relevant info on the mod. Certain creative liberties are taken in the pursuit of these goals, but in general, it's not too stylized outside of some exceptions.

unknown (7).png

PNG made by Marko

Created by LightWhisp, Neon Speed brings the itch the Riders community has by bringing aspects of Vaporwave and Outrun into one pack for your enjoyment. Added in addition with the Neon Speed soundtrack this pack is the culmination of multiple overhauled assets and 16 lofi/vaporwave-inspired remixes to listen to separately. Get your vibe on.

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