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Tournament and Netplay Guide


Hey guys! I see you're getting ready to play in your first Sonic Riders Tournament! With this guide, I'm sure you'll fly high!

What you'll need:

1) Riders Dolphin Build
2) Sonic Riders: Tournament Edition

If you don't have Tournament Edition or Riders Dolphin installed, refer to the #tech-support channel in the SRTE server. From there you can check the pins and additionally ping the "E-10000T" role for help with specific problems.

Places you need to visit on the site before play in a tournament:


Additional Tournament Etiquette

Please for any tournament organizers make sure you are on time to the tournament! If you are signed-up, make sure to check in as well! Check-ins normally start two hours before start of the tournament. If you can not attend the tournament for whatever reason please let tournament organizer know! Any questions during a tournament should be directed to the tournament organizer.

Tournaments are meant to be fun for everyone. No one is perfect; be respectful to all players, and be patient with newbies or technical issues! 

Errors to look out for! 

tex1_128x128_11e0792150f6426d_2a9edf7ef617fa65_9 more saturated.png
tex1_128x128_11e0792150f6426d_2a9edf7ef617fa65_9 more saturated.png

“Invalid Host” - The code you entered from your opponent is incorrect. Check if there are any spaces after the code you inserted.

“Netplay versions are incompatible” - You get this error when both of you are on different versions of Dolphin. To fix this, make sure you're both either using the up-to-date Dolphin dev build or Riders Dolphin. You can't connect to someone using the Riders Dolphin build while using the Dolphin dev build. You can set your Dolphin to Auto-update by going to your Config setting tab and setting it to "Dev".

“Game Status: Not Found” - When you see this error, it means that the game is not listed in your list of Dolphin files. To fix this, add Sonic Riders to your game directory, and rejoin the Netplay session. If it says OK, you're ready to play.

“Cannot communicate with host. Failed to connect to server” - A unique error that occurs, usually with overseas players, if you encounter this error, you should ping the #tech-support role and channel as the fix for this problem is rather extensive.

The game only lags on Netplay - This is a common problem on the dev build of Dolphin. There's an easy fix for this. Right-click on Sonic Riders within your Dolphin game list and from the dropdown window, you should see "Properties" at the top, once you click that, untoggle the "Enable Dual Core" option.

What's a test lap?

When you connect to your opponent, the first thing you should do is ask to make sure both players have joined successfully and perform a test lap. It's preferable to do this before a tournament starts to ensure that extra time won't be wasted when troubleshooting.

In the case that your match is streamed, you should unplug the streamer, to do this click "Assign Controller Ports" at the bottom of the Netplay window, you should be presented with this.


Set the GC Port for the streamer to None. This is crucial, as if you dont do this, you will experience more lag than normal.

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