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Sonic Riders TE 2.2 Patch Notes


General Change

  • Change SRTE's game ID to GXSRTE

  • Change the main menu version number texture to 2.2

  • Pressing Y on the pause screen will change the music of the current stage.

  • Pressing Y on the main menu will change the currently playing song.

  • Some gear descriptions have been altered to better match their gear design.

Debug Menu

  • There is a new menu option upon boot up called "Debug Mode". This will present you with a black screen with a plethora of options to toggle between. This will include more general settings such as "No Music", "No SFX", & more. This eliminates the need to shut the game off to toggle between common gecko codes.

  • Debug Settings

  • No Music

  • Magnetic Impulse (On/Off)

  • Tornado Ignore (On/Off)

  • Autopilot (On/Off)

  • Extreme Detach (On/Off)

  • Timer Activity (Options: Active in Singleplayer, Active in 1v1, Active in 1v1 middle screen. Active with 3+ players, Off.

Tournament Race

  • Change the description that's being used before entering tournament race mode.

Normal Race

  • Fixed a bug that doesn't allow you to skip replays after the start gate deactivates.


  • Performing extra tricks passed an X rank grants the player +2 speed per trick. (Exceptions to the Legend Board & Trickster Archetype Characters.

  • Fixed tornado ignore invulnerability to be 30 frames instead of 16.

Tornado Ignore

Hoop Dash

  • Hoop Dash functions a little differently. It now only activates if the player is holding L, R, or B while passing a Fly Hoop. When a hoop is flown through, the visual/sound effect plays, fuel & Magnetic Impulse (about 1 second worth of MI) is paid, and an additional 20% speed is added to that particular fly hoop.


  • Slingshot range is slightly bigger (measured in player units)
    Level 1 distance: 4 -> 5
    Level 2 distance: 5 -> 6
    Level 3 distance: 12 -> 14

  • Slingshot's base speed Is increased to 60 (from 30)

  • Slingshot is now affected by Magnetic Impulse. (Base speed = 60, Max Impulse = 120)

  • Slingshot grants the player Recipro Extend (1 second max jump charge)

Extreme Detach

Developer Comments
Extreme Detach was a fun bonus feature we added last patch that could be used as a form of taunting or a couple of niche strategical purposes. Despite our initial efforts, ED was being unintentionally activated by players when they did not intend.

  • Extreme Detach requires different inputs now. You must hold either L or R, hold Z, and then flick the C-stick up. There is no longer a frame window or order of inputs that requires the mechanic to work.

  • Can no longer be activated in QTEs, grind state, fly state, or in a pit.

Magnetic Impulse

  • Increase MI distance check to 850 units (from 720 units)

  • Increase Max MI's initial lifespan to 7 seconds (from 5 seconds)

  • While in the Max MI's guaranteed lifespan, a new effect plays to show that it's active. (Use the holding emerald effect from the emerald chase mode)


  • Weight affects how much air you lose using Tornado Pass/Tank. (Sonic is a baseline for cost, Cream on light board will lose 20% less, Eggman on heavy bike will lose 10% more air than baseline. This includes ring gears.)

Ring gears

Developer Comments

Ring Gears are somewhat limited compared to Air Gears. This creates an interesting problem because a lot of what makes them unique are components they lack. As we move forward with ways to make Ring Gears more well-rounded, viable, and fun, we tread carefully so as to not make them exactly like Air Gears. We do not wish to miss the point of having two kinds of fuel types in the first place.

  • Ring gears function slightly differently now. They will now "level up" after the passage of a lap. Leveling up will increase their attack & tornado level and will apply archetype boosts. (For example on lap 3 late boosters will gain their boost duration buffs and combat characters will lose theirs, but gain their attack range and stun buffs.)

  • When a power type smashes power objects while using rings as fuel it will stave off passive ring drain. 1 object = 100 frames, each subsequent gain object is subtracted by 10 frames. So for example after a 10 link you will not add any more frames to the timer. (Duel types 1 object = 80 frames, All Types 1 object = 60 frames.) (Accelerator & Advantage-F are exempt from this system due to not having a passive drain to begin with.)

  • Defeatist will now account for gears that can hold more than 100 rings. 101-130 = 50% ring loss, 131 - 149 rings = 55% ring loss, 150 - 169 rings = 60% ring loss, 170 - 200 rings = 65% ring loss.

  • Top speed archetype: now has +10% acceleration bonus on all gears.

Top Speed Archetype

Trickster Archetype

Developer Comments

Here are some buffs for the Trickster Archetype characters which were sorely lacking in viability save for a few niche scenarios. Making them more air efficient was the most popular suggestion amongst both fans and internal testing so that's the direction we went. We still maintained the parameters that the archetype's properties should center around tricking & acrobatic maneuvers which is why a new ability was conceptualized.

  • A sfx plays when Super Leap is used.

  • Fast Fall cost reduced to 50% (from 75%)

    • New Ability: After Burner - After successfully performing subsequent tricks passing an S+ rank, the player passively gains 10 air for each individual trick performed. The air is deposited over a period of time so you won't get the air instantly, encouraging the player to use the current air they have because they'll get more over time. (10 air distributed every 60 frames, and 3 rings for every 60 frames if a ring gear)

      • While After Burner is in effect, Super Leap's cost is cut in half.

      • ​​Certain gears have nerfed versions of AB's air gain such as Super Hang On and Advantage-F.

Miku_Board_4K small.png

New Characters

Developer Comments
A portal bridging the multiverse has emerged right before the World Grand Prix! Out comes a trio of characters from the SEGA Dimension! These newcomers come in the form of high tier Exloads, meaning that they are essentially new characters that save on space by hiding within existing character slots that would make sense.

  • Exloads:

    • Hatsune Miku (Ulala): lightweight slightly lower than Jet, alternate voice lines, hud, boost trail, etc.

    • Reala (NiGHTS): Alternate voice lines, archetype switch to Boost, Mid-weight in between Sonic and Shadow, hud, boost trail, etc.

    • GonGon (AiAi): Model Size is slightly bigger than AiAi, archetype switch to all-rounder, heavyweight in between knuckles and storm, alternate voice lines.

    • Dark Sonic is added to Super Sonic as a cosmetic Exload

    • ​​Hyper Sonic is added to Super Sonic as gameplay Exload

      • Hyper Sonic​

        • Dev comments
          Hyper Sonic may just be the most bombastic and difficult to master super character in the game. His passive ring drain and costs are insane, almost unlike anything ever seen in riders previously. To maintain his extreme power, Hyper Sonic is granted two strong passive abilities in order to make his efficiency better, as well as utilizing the newly created Blast Gauge that Super Sonic has gained. 

        • Stats:
          Passive ring drain of 3 rings/second.
          300/265 boost speed.
          230/215 cruising speed.
          30 ring boost cost.
          5 ring tornado cost.
          0.03 rings/second drift cost.

        • Hyper Sonic Abilities 

        • Archetype Switching - Hyper Sonic starts as the Boost archetype. Once he enters hyperdrive, he turns into a no-archetype for the duration of it, returning to Boost archetype when it's over.

        • Hyper Stream - A variation of Delta Stream. When Hyper Sonic takes a shortcut, an implicit timer starts when he's done with the shortcut. During this time, the more shortcuts and links he gets, the longer you can prolong this timer. Once it runs out, he is granted every link you have accumulated from all of the shortcuts combined times 2 and adds it to his current ring count. The timer is paused while in boost state, allowing you to make it to the next shortcut in time. Going for all links possible here is the way to go. 

        • Hyperdrive - The blast gauge will fill up the more tricks you perform and land. Once you land 20 tricks, Hyper Sonic's ring costs are zero with the exception of boosting. This state allows you to collect as many rings as possible before the drain starts again. While in hyperdrive, the drain of the gauge can be paused by using type shortcuts to prolong it. Using hyper stream in this state also grants +50% extra rings once the timer is over as well, giving him a little extra to work with. Use hyperdrive effectively and at the right times in a race in order to get your bearings back or make a break for it.


Artwork by Zephyros & JR

Characters changes


Developer Comments

The bulk of existing character changes focuses on Emerl as his unique abilities called for further reviews. Other changes involve tidying up the character selection screen by putting all of the E-Series robots in one slot.

  • Emerl

    • Gizoid Replication Ability

      • The activity of Gizoid Replication is now indicated by an icon near the ring count conveying what type Emerl currently possesses. It will begin to blink 2 seconds before it disappears, so the player can prepare for it.

      • Emerl will copy all types against opponents. If the opponent has two types, GR boosts both types by 1.1x power instead of 1.2. If the opponent is all type there is no bonus.

      • Hitting power objects as Emerl increases the timer for GR by 0.5 seconds for each object hit. (this should allow him to finish power-type shortcuts)

      • Emerl's GR timer is not depleted during QTEs, tricks state, falling state, and using pits.

  • ​​​E10G

    • E10B, & E10R are condensed into E10G where they can be accessed via Ex loading.

G.U.N. Gear

Description - G.U.N. created this after finding the plank of metal that Sonic used to flee from their forces in the events of Sonic Adventure 2.​ Designed for speed and agility. It features an ultra-lightweight exhaust that allows for incredible bursts of speed. It also has a built-in air intake system that provides lower boost costs while traveling at high speeds. Ex Load High Booster to select it.

Developer Comments

Much like how Blue Star II is designed around boost duration, G.U.N. Gear is designed around boost enhancement. This gear is a member of a new archetype of gears called Momentum, designed around measuring the player's current speed and giving benefits to them based on it. More of them will exist in the future. We hope that this new momentum archetype for gears proves to be fun and intuitive while providing an all-new way to think about how you manage your speed in general

This gear is a non leveling air gear, which are few and far between and usually only being reserved for the cover series of gears and Neo-Metal Sonic. It is locked to level 2 specifically, which means that archetypes get their archetype bonuses at level 2 on it and any character with an AOE attack at level 2 has access at all times.

technical gear stat card vertical.png

​​​Top Speed: 170
Boost Speed: 245
Ring Boost Speed: 300
t Cost: 75
Ring Boost Cost: 25
Tornado Co
st: 30
Drift Dash Speed: 130
Drift Cost: 14.4

Weight: 0.15

  • G.U.N. Gear abilities

    • Terminal Velocity

      • Measures the speed the player is currently traveling at all times. The faster you are traveling with the gear, the lower the boost cost becomes. (This means that boost chaining off of an S rank, fast dash panels, rails, and other fast stage devices will be cheaper than boosting at cruising speed.)

    • Ring Boost

      • When you have 25 rings or more, the gear's trail turns yellow. This indicates that a Ring Boost is available. By pressing X, you will perform a 320 speed, 1 frame boost. By using this, you can essentially boost chain off of it with a normal boost to lower the cost of the regular boost you used and granting a free situation to boost chain. Think of it like an anytime S-Rank

Gear changes

Super Sonic

Developer Comments

For some time now, Super Sonic has been very lackluster in terms of performance and usability. He wasn't necessarily slow, but his super brethren had left him in the dust while he had nothing to show for it. Up until now. 

With 2.2 comes a brand new fuel type hybrid invented for ring gears, with Super Sonic as the progenitor for them. They are what will be known as Blast Gears, granting a special meter to ring gears that possess this ability. While functioning normally as ring gears for the most part, blast gauge is gained upon doing tricks and landing successfully. It is not the rank of the trick that matters however, but instead the number. The meter can then be used for whatever the gear is designed to do. We hope that this new fuel type will bring a new way of considering routing to the game, as you must optimize your trick count in gameplay to fit the needs of the gear.

  • Increase boost duration by 30 frames (now 150 frames)

  • Passive ring drain decreased by 10%

  • Trick of Greed is removed from Super Sonic. (Also applies to EX-Loads)

  • New Signature Ability - Collision Chaos: Super Sonic has a new Blast gauge that takes the place of air gauge. Upon performing tricks, the gauge will be filled. The higher the trick rank the more the gauge will fill. The gauge can be spent in place of rings & MI whenever Super Sonic uses rail or hoop dash, and whenever he boosts through power objects to increase the speed of all these devices. If the chaos gauge becomes depleted, it will begin to drain rings/MI like normal. The cost of the Blast gauge are treated exactly as if an air gear was using rail/hoop dash. 

Super Shadow

  • Starts Race with 50 rings (from 30)

Super Tails

  • When Tails is in normal state, his exhaust trail is green like a lvl 1 air gear.

  • Super State passive ring drain increased by 20%

  • Normal State Tails is has a level 1 nado (from lvl 2 nado)

  • Increase Super State Tornado cost to 8 rings (from 5)

Light Board

  • Increase deacceleration to 10% (from regular)


  • Top speed increase to 172 (from 152)


  • Fixed an oversight where boost speed changed when current air changed the necessary air thresholds for boost speeds. Now holds its boost speed like normal.

  • Increased shortcut/trick air gain by +15% each.​


  • Boost Archetype support: Increase boost speed buff to +10 at each level (from +5)

  • Lower tornado cost by 20%

  • Drift frames reduced from 60 to 50 frames


  • Air gain on shortcuts and tricks decreased to 110% (from 135%)

  • Decrease boost control air cost by 20%


  • Lvl 3 no longer costs rings to boost

  •  Decrease top speed to 182

  •  Buff boost speed to 190

Speed Balancer

  • Pinball Power functions differently. It still gains speed from bonking on walls, but the equation for doing so is different.

    • Vanilla bonk equation: player's speed + (-10 speed * the angle you hit the wall at)

    • 1.4 buff equation for speed bally: player's speed + (10 speed * 10 * the angle you hit the wall at)

      • New equation for PINBALL POWER: player's speed + (35% of player's current speed * the angle you hit the wall at)
      • Pinball power now has a secondary ability. If the player bonks while boosting, it adds +2 boost speed during boost state to their current boost speed.
  • Fixed an oversight where Speed Balancer's frames needed to charge a drift dash were not maintained at 50 frames when the codebase was converted to C in 2.0.​​​​


  • Level 1 boost speed decreased to 210 (from 215)

  • Top Speed decreased to 195 (from 197)


Developer Comments

In the search for an unexplored niche of gears, Advantage-F always struggled to have an identity even when it goes where no gear has gone before. The previous two designs have been shelved for now in light of a new ring gear design altogether. Most ring gears in the game currently are high boosting in some sort of way, so we aimed to create a ring gear default or darkness, if you will. Bearing the same flags as default, it has average to above average boosting speeds depending on your current ring count. It also has additional BCM and halved trick payout from The Crazy to gain more rings. This is also one of the only gears in the game with absolutely no passive air drain at all.

  • Fuel Type Converted to Rings (from Air)

technical gear stat card vertical.png

​​​Top Speed: 210
Passive Drain: None

Boost Speed: 200-260
t Cost: 5 Rings
Tornado Cost: 5 Rings
Drift Dash Speed: 100
Drift Cost: 0.2 rings/sec

Weight: -0.4
Special Flags:
Ice Immunity, no speed loss on jump charge, +5% Boost Chain Multiplier

  • Advantage-F Abilities

    • New - Part Timer Payout

      • A version of The Crazy's Trick Payout that is half the effectiveness. (i.e. X rank gives 5 rings instead of 10)

    • New - Fusion Dial

      • The gear's boost speed is variable and based on the user's currently held fuel. Ranges from 200-260.


Crazy Taxi

Developer Comments

Crazy Taxi was a somewhat underutilized pick for its overreliance on the gimmick of energy construct, instead of energy construct being only a bonus mechanic. While some may be sad to see the old design go, we have opted to completely rework the gear to almost 1:1 consistency as the gear's namesake game while keeping the identity of what a gear usually acts as. It is also part of the new momentum archetype of gears due to how one of its mechanics works (see G.U.N. Gear).

  • New Signature Ability - Limiter cut: This gear's boost speed increases the slower you're moving, while costing more rings. At or above cruising speed = 240, slightly under cruising speed and above 35 under cruising speed = 285, 35 under cruising speed = 300. The exhaust trail will change color to indicate Limiter Cut is available with enough rings. The regular trail is the normal boost, while orange is stronger and red is the strongest.

  • New Signature Ability - Drift Tips: Instead of losing rings while drifting, Crazy Taxi actually starts gaining rings. The longer you drift, the faster the rate of gain becomes.

  • New Signature Ability - Crazy stop: While traveling above your top speed, using the brake activates an upgraded version of the brake called Crazy Stop. The brake will automatically set your speed to your character's regular max cruising speed and then decelerate like normal and cancelling your boost state.(This mechanic was created to utilize Limiter Cut in a more consistent way while also offering some dynamic combat and movement applications never seen before in riders. Even the input from crazy stop to limiter cut is the same as crazy taxi!)



Developer Comments

Rework time! Cover-S gains a completely new design (Nicknamed the Potential) that follows in the footsteps of Cover-F to become a nonleveling, level 2 air gear that utilizes the dpad. In the case of Cover-S, it has become a shortcut type-switching gear. Unlike omnipotence however, the buffs and debuffs applied are focused in different areas. 
Cover-S can pay a cost of 30 rings in order to switch the user's type to any of the other types in the game (indicated by the color trail behind the player). You can only be one type at a time however, so using the correct type at the right time can set yourself up for victory. Type-switching on this gear aims to be more of a utility based usecase, so you cannot rely on a nonnatural type for the entire race.


  • Cover-S Abilities

    • New - Stunted Bolts

      • A passive that locks the gear to level 2.

    • Ring capacity increased from 100->130 rings

    • New - Type Switch

      • Can switch type using the D-pad at a cost of 30 rings. (When the user is in their natural type as their character usually has, their air gain is 50% of what they would usually get. When in a non-natural type, the air gain is lowered to 25% on shortcuts. However, they get a small speed increase of 8.5% (speed/fly) or +10 speed on power objects granted to make up for it.)

technical gear stat card vertical.png

​​​Top Speed: 175
Boost Speed: 245
Boost Cost: 22.5 Air
Tornado Cost: 30 Air
Drift Dash Speed: 130
Drift Cost: 15Air/sec

Weight: 0.35



Developer Comments

Cover-P joins Cover-S and F in becoming a nonleveling, level 2 air gear that utilizes the dpad. It's old mechanic, money crisis, is retained in its new incarnation as well as its new dpad abilities. 

  • Fuel Type Converted to Air (from Rings)

  • New Signature Ability - Stunted Bolts: A passive that locks the gear to level 2.

  • New Signature Ability - Maximillion: Triple ring pickup.

  • The Money Crisis ability now increases top speed, boost speed, and acceleration stats.

  • Ring capacity is increased from 100->300 rings.

  • New Signature Ability - G-Diffusion: Press a direction on the dpad to change weight. Left = light mode, right = heavy mode, and up resets the modifier. Costs 15 rings.



Developer Comments

Much like Crazy Taxi, this gear was also underutilized due to overreliance on it's main gimmick. However, if it was not able to get its gimmick, it could not keep up with the rest of the cast. Instead of a full rework, a new system was planted onto Hang-On, taking direct inspiration from Daytona USA to produce the manual transmission system.
By using the Dpad, this gear is able to change its level at will. With it, it brings different stats and costs to the table. Managing the
manual transmission correctly all depends on a player's awareness of their resources, increasing the gear's potential to keep up. Golden experience is retained on this gear as well, making it a combat monster with optimization.

  • New Signature Ability - Transmission: Pressing left, up, or right on the dpad grants level 1, 2, and 3 respectively. The higher the level, the higher the costs, passive drain, and speeds the gear can reach. Your air cap changes dynamically as well.

    • Transmission Stats

      • Air cap:
        Level 1: 100%
        Level 2: 125%
        Level 3: 150%​​

        • Switching levels if you had more rings than their ring cap will not grant those excess rings, as this gear only caps out at 100 rings, so be careful. (EX. swapping from level 3 to 1 with 60 rings in level 3 and back to level 1 will not retain the 60, as the cap of level 3 only allows 50 rings in level 3 if you have 100 in level 1).​

        • When swapping levels from 1 to 2, or 1 or 2 to 3 while boosting, cuts current boost duration in 1/2 when swapping to level 2 and in 1/3 to level 3.

  • Switching Transmissions on Hang On has a sfx.

  • Golden Experience

    • Has a sfx when the ability procs.

    • Golden Experience locks the user to level 1 Transmission stats during it. When exiting, returns to level 1.

    • +11% BCM when Golden Experience is in effect.

Stages changes

Developer Comments

Here we have what we can confidently say are some of the most welcomed list of stage changes in quite some time. Ever since SRTE 1.4 there was a grand plan to breathe new life into the stages and revitalize them in several ways. One of the ways , the seeds of which were planted in 1.4. Now we have 

Metal City

  • Increase 2nd fly route speed by 20%

  • Placed a new set of 30 air boxes on the 2nd left quarter pipe after the last grind rail.

  • Placed two new air boxes adjacent to the dash panel that proceeds the busy intersection. (middle of the stage)

Splash Canyon

  • Increase 1st fly route speed by 20%

  • Increase last fly route speed by 10% (all hoops)

  • All rails on splash are nerfed by 20 speed a piece (except secret rail)

  • On the first bottom path there is a new string of power objects behind the waterfall. Each piece of debris holds a single stray ring inside.

  • The new power path has a 20 ring box near the end.

  • The first fly path is altered, it has been moved to the right with an extra hoop to fit the new placements.

Green Cave

  • The right vine on the way to the QTE now has two new sets of dash panels. On the vine itself, new boxes including two 100 air boxes in between the first box line and 30 rings at the very end of the vine have been added. (This is to help speed up the no-type builds that would use it.)

Sand Ruins

  • Removed the final pillar before the breakable power type pillar near the QTE

  • The second main ramp into the cave section is longer

Babylon Garden

  • There are a new set of air boxes after the first grind rail. The boxes near the middle are 30 while the innermost box is 50. The outermost box that teeters near the edge is a 100. The inner most boxes holds speed shoes.

Night Chase

  • The boxes on the first quarter pipe on the left have been lowered so that they are easier to grab.

  • The first quarter pipe on the right has two new 50 air boxes near the apex of its curve.

Sky Road

  • The final power path has new power objects and gives as much speed as the other objects in the stage

  • First object in the last power type path (the breakable rubble) now gives only +30 air

  • The second ramp is longer

Sega Carnival

  • You can't pull speed shoe from the very first set of random item boxes

  • There is a new row of boxes right after the first turn. The right contains 50 air while the left contains speed shoes.


  • Nights has voice lines! (Most normal slots are filled except for attacking lines)

  • Some characters have new voice line for when they perform an S-rank, or S+ rank trick

Patch Notes by Protag & KC

Render by Luna

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