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Sonic Riders TE 2.1.5 Patch Notes

Universal Mechanic


Developer Comments
With where we are in SRTE, there are a lot of intricate and varied mechanics that diversify and build upon the established conventions of the game. This time we are adding a simple but unexpected function that will add some more charm to the mod. Extreme Detach! Initially made for developer convenience, it is a lovely way for players to stunt on their opponents. It may also have the niche application of avoiding enemy attacks at the last second when the player is already low on air.

  • Extreme Detach: By pressing both triggers, and three face buttons (A, B, Y, X) in quick succession, you will instantly air out.
    (Input combination must with pressed within a 30-frame window. Extreme Detach Does not work on Advantage S & Beginner)

General Bug Fixes Changes

  • Fixed a bug where backing out to the title screen and main menu multiple times in a row would soft lock the game.

  • Tournament Mode scoreboard texture received some downsizing to reduce hardware lag during netplay.

  • E10R has brand new CSS art by JR-alt

Normal Race

Magnetic Impulse

  • Revert hold to pause when there is only one player in a race. (This includes Time Attack)

  • Fixed an inconsistency where no type builds don't gain bonus MI boosts off of the Babylon Garden loop de loop. (Normal Max MI = 300 speed > No Type Max MI = 350)

  • Fixed an inconsistency where no type builds don't gain double MI boosts off of speed shoes. (Normal Max MI = 200 speed > No Type Max MI = 400)

  • Increase bonus MI from air boxes (Max MI = 20% boost > New Value = 30% boost)

  • Fixed an inconsistency where no type builds don't gain bonus MI from air boxes. (Normal Max MI = 30% boost > No Type Max MI = 60% boost)


  • Allow the player to fast fall during turbulence trick

  • Holding B will prevent the player's ability to perform turbulence tricks. (Just like the A button currently does)

L Cancel

  • Removed the L cancel fuel penalty from ring gears.

Clutch Mode

  • You can now switch modes while in grind state, fly state, or in a QTE.

Jump Charge

Developer Comments
Learning how to use ramps properly was one of the biggest hurdles for first-time players experiencing Sonic Riders. With a new visual & auditory cue, there is now adequate gameplay conveyance most people will be able to use to determine that charging your jump actually does something important. However, this will also help veteran players in the context of SRTE, where how many frames it takes to reach maximum jump charge is altered depending by the final weight value of the character and extreme gear.

  • A new sound effect will play when the player has reached max charge. (This will even account for changes in the character/gear combo's weight stat.)

  • The visual charging effect will turn green when the player has approximately reached max charge. (This will not account for changes in the character/gear combo's weight stat. The timing is designed around Sonic on Default.)

Character Changes

Developer Comments
Just some alterations, improvements, & bug fixes to characters to help fully realize them. It was always intended for Neo Metal Sonic to receive special voice lines support and now that we got the chance to implement it, we did. 

  • Tikal gains hair physics

  • Chaos lvl 3 attack twist frames reduced to 100 (from 140)

  • Neo Metal Sonic gains new max MI and super transformation.

  • Neo Metal Sonic's super transformation voice lines are louder.

  • Neo Metal Sonic can be ex-loaded onto any gear Metal Sonic can use. He is treated as a cosmetic L load.

  • Shadow's voice lines are louder.

  • Fixed a bug where E10B & E10R were able to select bikes that aren't heavy bike.

  • The new characters now use their correct assets while using Bikes.

  • Blaze's Sol Emerald is now Blue.

Gear Changes

Cover F

Developer Comments

Cover-F is a gear that is meant to unlock its true potential by utilizing its archetype switching ability on the dpad. However, managing the gear's air and abilities was problematic in short due to its level 1 air tank and stats. The high boosting mode was also overcentralizing for a few patches now, invalidating the purpose of the other two archetypes it possessed. These new changes should flesh out the gear much better by allowing for more air to play around with, archetype bonuses to be expressed, and by increasing the focus on the other archetypes it has.

  • Now locked to level 2. Comes with a level 2 sized air tank, archetype bonuses at level 2, and level 2 boost duration/attack/tornado.

  • High boosting mode's boost cost nerfed from 45%->50% of the air tank.

  • Fixed a bug where Cover F could gain infinite rings.

  • Boost archetype support: receive +5 boost speed on high boosting mode, +15 in cruising mode, +10 in battle mode.

Turbo Star

  • Fixed a bug where boost archetype characters didn't receive their extra boost speed.


  • Fixed a bug where boost archetype characters lose their base boost speed buffs when they also lose their power dances buffs.


Developer Comments
Faster remained unaltered since SRTE 1.3 and fell behind as the patches went on. A gear that can output high top speed and one fast boost is pretty strong back in the day, but in a patch with fast falling, form change
s, and speed shoe-enhancing level 4s, it kinda got left in the dust. Power creep is a side effect of creating a competitive esport, but Faster had some other downsides that really bogged it down such as lower air gain. That said we are shaving down its heavy flaws and giving it some fancy new toys to play with.

  • Trick & Type shortcut air gain buffed to -80% of normal air gain (from -67%)

  • Gains the Boost Control ability.

  • Boost archetype support: Loses the Boost Control ability and receives +5 boost speed at every level.

  • ​Trickster archetype support: Loses the Boost Control ability and receives trick air gain of 100% (from 80%)


Developer Comments
Faster's brother is getting some love too! With the introduction of the Boost archetype, we felt that the +5 sup
er cruise speed buff made sense to reside with them. This opened up the opportunity to give the archetypes that used to have that something new.

  • Boost archetype support: receive +5 super cruise speed.

  • Combat archetype support: remove +5 super cruise speed with 20% less cost for super cruise.

  • ​Late Booster archetype support: remove +5 super cruise speed with 30% less cost for super cruise.

Slide Booster

Developer Comments
Similar deal with Fastest, Slide Booster needed some contrivances to allow boost duration and retention abilities to have any benefit of using the gear.

  • Boost archetype support: receive +25 boost speed (260/300/400 > 285/325/425)

  • Combat archetype support: boost duration lasts for 5 frames

  • Late Booster archetype support: 20% lower boost cost

Power Gear

Developer Comments
We are deciding to put the "power" back in Power Gear... cautiously. Its main claim to fame is the blitz speed potential it possesses while its weaknesses are air efficiency and mid-game sustain. One thing needed to be done however regarding creating incentives for the Drift archetype to use it, which they previously did not. After all, d
rift dash buffs don't matter on a gear that does not drift dash.

  • Drift character archetype support: when used by a Drift character, Power Gear has 10% lower drift cost.

  • Drift cost decreased by 5%

  • ​Boost control cost decreased by 5%

  • Boost speed level 3 increased to 235 (from 230)

Super Hang On

  • Replace: Exortile's Cover of Dreams of Absolution > NiGHTS And Reala: Theme of A Tragedic Revenge - when Nights selects the gear

Stage Changes

Splash Canyon

Developer Comments
We started with granting the first bottom path with a little more resource value. Reaching this new row of boxes is similar to the final row of boxes in Digital Dimension. It must be timed precisely, or the player can fast fall to make
 the timing more lenient. No Type support was the driving motivation for the new dash panels and the buff to the old ones.

  • Put 50 air boxes on the first lower path in front of the dash panels.

  • The set of dash panels after the QTE under the archway are increased to 50 speed (from 20 speed)

  • Placed a new set of 300 speed dash panels over on the right side of the broken windmill after the QTE (this will shoot you down the archway and right into the other dash panel set for no type builds)

Red Canyon

Developer Comments
Similar concept as Splash Canyon where the first bottom path is far less valuable than it's top path counterpart. The new dash panel set is also intended to increase the speed of No Type build in a way that would not increase the speed of other types.

  • First bottom path has a row of air boxes at the landing point of the first ramp.

  • There is a new set of +100 dash panels after the qte. It is specifically placed after the archway, but angled left. (so fly type can’t use it on the way to their path)

Ice Factory

Developer Comments
More No Type support here. Many Robots are in areas that Power Type characters wouldn't even traverse through, which leaves them as obstacles for non-Power Types. While this is somewhat true on Night Chase, it's not even remotely as defining. These rascals lock your control, often forcing you to miss grind rails and manual ramps. These are things Speed & No Types require to function.

  • The robots on the no type path before the QTE are removed.

  • The robots around the quarter pipe ramps before the final automatic ramps are removed.

Digital Dimension

Developer Comments
No T
ype can now utilize a path that will grant them 200 air (the value of two X ranks) mid-lap. Hopefully, this will greatly assist their air efficiency on the stage, though they will still be difficult to succeed with. Digital Dimension's identity is that it is a treacherous, resource dry stage, and we intend to keep it that way.

  • The little "secret path", where the very first Fly path in Digital Dimension is. The item box that gives you 50 air will give 100 air instead. (You have to jump over the Fly ramp to get there. No Type benefits most from this change.)

Sky Road

Developer Comments
Some minor type shortcut adjustments. Fly was noticeably lagging behind speed and speed has been the must pick type for a couple of patches now. Power also struggles here, although we do not intend to shake up the type balance too much at this time.

  • Increase the speed of the final fly path before the QTE by 20%

  • Decrease the speed of the last rail (the one before the QTE) by 5%

Patch notes written by Protag & Kid Chameleon

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