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Sonic Riders TE 2.3 Patch Notes


General Changes


  • You can now summon the info box on characters for specific properties they may possess. (This also functions for Ex-Loads)

  • The Z button is now the info button, as opposed to Y.

  • Vertical C-stick directions call gameplay affecting ex loads, while horizontal C-stick directions call cosmetic ones, and L now scrolls through all ex loads.

  • Seelkadoom added as an L-Load for Shadow

  • Metal Sonic has an L-Load featuring his scarf now

  • The FMVs & in-engine cutscenes in Story Mode have been restored. 

  • You can select a stage at random with the R button.

  • Fixed the replay system (exception: Hyper Sonic, Neo Metal, Super Tails do not function properly after they finish their transformations).

  • New Debug Menu features:

    • Disable HUD (Full, Partial)

    • Infinite Air

    • Infinite Rings

    • Always Max MI

  • Autopilot now uses a different button combination (Z+C-Stick Down+D-Pad Down)

  • Hang-On and Super Hang-On's music can now be suppressed by holding X when loading into a stage or restarting (Credits to Sirky.)​​

Tournament Race

  • Add a popup to the first round of Tournament Race that asks the players whether or not they want to perform a test lap.

Normal Race


  • Fixed a bug that doesn't allow you to skip replays after the start gate deactivates.



  • Recipro Extend now works on Manual Ramps.

Exhaust Trails


  • Clutch and drift dash fully charged trails both override custom trail colors (ex. the trails of cover gears and their modes, emerl's trails, etc) so you can always see if you have clutch on or have drift dash charged. Beginner's drift charge trails and taxi trails however will override clutch's trail specifically when both have their active conditions.

  • Holding Z now displays clutch being on or off (will show purple trail when toggle is off and Z is held, will not show trail when toggle is on and Z is held).

  • Fixed an oversight where ring gears lost their signature yellow trail when they leveled up.

  • Gambler now has a rainbow trail for indicating omnitype.

  • Emerl now has a rainbow trail for indicating omnitype.

Magnetic Impulse


  • An initial activation of Max MI is no longer immediately cancelled after a second of being in first place, it's timer (The guaranteed lifespan after MI activates) is instead cut in half.

  • If tricking while MI is dormant, the time it takes to reactivate becomes 30 frames.

Trickster Archetype


  • Fixed an oversight where the trick speed on bikes and skates were inconsistent and rendered them unable to complete trick combos at max jump charge.

  • Afterburner nerfed:

    • 10 air per trick/second -> 5 air per trick/second

    • 3 rings per trick/second -> 2 rings per trick/second

  • Super Leap adjusted:​

    • Height reduced by 2 units

    • Speed increased: +100 -> +115

    • Cost on air gears increased: 20 air cost -> 30 air cost

    • Afterburner no longer reduces Super Leap cost

Combat Archetype


  • ​​​Boost Chain Multiplier nerfed: 4% -> 3%.

Late Booster Archetype

  • Gains -2.5 decel while boosting.

Top Speed Archetype

  • ​Now adds a raw +10 Top Speed to whatever gear they're using as opposed to a multiplier.

  • Now has 1% deceleration modifier.

  • Removed old acceleration buff, as it only added 0.0010 raw acceleration value to the gear's acceleration speed instead of 10%.

  • Adjusted additional boost duration at all levels: +40 -> +30.

  • Acceleration multiplier that increases at levels (1.15x/1.25x/1.35x)

All-Rounder Archetype

  • ​Now adds a raw +3 Top Speed to whatever gear they're using as opposed to a multiplier.

Drift Archetype

  • Now have a -10% drift cost bonus (less air while drifting)​

Boost Archetype

  • Fixed a bug with Boost characters where they would randomly get stuck when landing an attack, entering a QTE, wall bonking, etc.

  • Can no longer perform JCBCs consecutively without letting go of the drift button.

  • Fix the bug where boost archetypes bugs out when they are hit by Shadow's level 3 attack.

  • Fixed light board effect on boost archetypes with the light board effect overhaul. Now applies properly and doesn't bug out boost speeds.

  • Fixed a major bug where boost archetypes get softlocked sometimes when they are hit or attack someone in some scenarios.

  • Fixed an oversight where boost archetypes could JCBC without holding jump charge.

  • Acceleration while boosting nerfed: 500% -> 375%

Special Flags

  • Sticky Fingers

    • When hitting an opponent, there is no longer a delay before ring gain. Now, rings are gained when an attack connects with the opponent (not when they are tethered, but when the attack itself causes stun). This fixes issues with not getting sticky fingers' bonus rings sometimes, as well as not getting the bonus rings when bonking a wall or entering another state when the attack was fully completed anyway.

    • Can now be applied to air gears (see Cover-P). On hit, it will grant 15 rings.​

  • Light Board effect (aka Cruise Control)

    • Reworked light board effect conditions. Effects lasts until you bonk a wall, get hit, die, or pass/tank a tornado. Gains the effect immediately when you boost, not after the boost is finished. Retained in all other states (not just cruise state). When in fly state, the effect is retained, but instead uses the natural cruising speed of the gear to calculate fly hoop speed, not the top speed of the gear set to the boost speed.​

  • Money Crisis​

    • Converted to a universal flag with air/ring gear support (02000000).​

  • Recipro Extend and Tornado Slingshot

    • You now get a special type of Recipro Extend alongside the original Recipro Extend that lets you cruise off of ramps as well if you manage to trigger a Tornado Slingshot.​

  • Weight​

    • Removed weight's effect on tornado ignore.​

  • Clutch​

    • Fixed an issue where ring gears did not always take exactly 3 rings when using clutch exit from turbulence.​

  • Fly Hoop Dashing​

    • No long can use with 0 air.​

Character Changes

Developer Comments

The bulk of existing character changes focuses on rounding out character balance, as well as the cosmetic completion of the newest implemented characters.

  • Shadow

    • Increased Attack hitbox to 3.5 at levels 1/2 and 4 at level 3.​

    • Archetype changed to Combat

  • Ulala

    • Archetype changed to All-Around​

  • Wave, Jet, Rouge, and Ulala's attack frames nerfed to 90 frames

  • Hyper Sonic

    • Increased Run Speed to 235 (from 170).

    • Hyper Sonic's aura is now rainbow (with sparkles!)

    • Hyperdrive grants Hyper Sonic the Emerald Chase effect.

    • Fixed a bug where it did not immediately apply his top speed debuff when he used hyperdrive.

    • Fixed a bug where if you air out with fly hoop dashing in hyperdrive, exited hyperdrive state previously.

    • Fixed a minor bug where hyperdrive was retained internally if you restart during it. 

    • Fixed bugs relating to battle mode where hyperdrive was permanently applied/spammed SFX and VFX every frame. Hyperdrive is now disabled during battle/tag modes.

  • Hatsune Miku & Reala

    • No longer softlocks the game randomly.

    • Miku is now Combat.

    • Miku's level 3 stun frames increased to 180 frames.

  • ​​​E10G

    • Omni-Rounder grants +14 Top Speed at all levels. (from +12/13/14 respectively)

  • Super Sonic​

    • Can now be EX-Loaded over Sonic. EX-Load Super Sonic retains his attack at all levels. Has no archetype.

Gear Changes & Additions

Gear Replicas

  • Ulala/Miku, E10R/G/B, Eggman and EX-Load Super Sonic can now use every gear via replicas.


  • Unique to Eggman. Functions as Eggman's "Default" Gear

  • Allows Eggman to use all gears currently in the game.

Super Sonic

  • Increased Run Speed to 210 (from 170)

  • Disabled all blast gauge usage during battle/tag modes, as it caused issues in gameplay and visuals.
  • Perfect Nazo's aura is now Purple

  • Dark Sonic's aura is now Dark Blue

Super Shadow

  • Increased Run Speed to 215 (from 170)

Super Knuckles

  • Increased Run Speed to 190 (from 150)

Super Tails

  • Increased super state Run Speed to 200 (from 160)

  • Increased normal state Run Speed to 180 (from 160)


Super Hang-On

  • Air Gain on X ranks when under Max MI to 30 air (from 60)

  • Air Gain from Pits reduced by 20%

Light Board

  • Fixed an issue where the gear can negate all negative effects by bumping into a wall.

  • Increased Boost Speeds by +5 (190/220/240 -> 195/225/245).


  • Air gain on shortcuts increased to 75%


  • Correct Boost Control costs (now lower).

Slide Booster

  • Boost speed adjustments: 260, 300, 400 -> 275, , 325, 375


  • Top Speed increased: 157 -> 175

Air Broom

  • Now has -2% decel. 


  • When changing archetypes, the top speed bonus of characters such as all-rounders and top speed archetypes are no longer overwritten and are added properly.


  • Fixed an oversight where E10R did not start with Power Type.

Speed Balancer

  • Fixed a bug where boost archetypes wouldn't give their boost speed bonus applied after bonking a wall.

G.U.N Gear

  • G.U.N Gear's Trail is now Crimson Red (from yellow)

  • Adjusted Boost cost spread (75, 56.25, 37.5, 18.75 -> 65, 55, 35, 25 air) 

  • Fixed an issue where ring boosting while wall bonking wasted rings but did not boost.


  • Level 3 boost speed reverted to 260 (from 255)

Magic Carpet

  • Late Boosters now receive their archetype bonus (+5 boost speed)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the gear from boost chaining

  • Fixed a bug where the boost particles would overlap when both light board and berserker were active.

  • Fixed an issue where the gear can negate all negative effects by bumping into a wall.

  • Nerfed frames needed to charge a drift dash from 45 -> 60 frames.

  • Boost speed nerf (200/230/250 -> (195/225/245)

  • No longer has 10% decel.

Crazy Taxi

Developer Comments

On release, Crazy Taxi could completely ignore the draws of being a ring gear by generating its own rings extremely efficiently and had little risk in interaction due to its ability to recover in an instant. With these adjustments, ring collection should become much more important to the gear without removing its gimmicks entirely, as well as put a much larger risk-reward factor after being hit with a new limiter cut level for extremely low speeds.

  • Limiter Cut speed adjustments (240, 285, 300 -> 240, 275, 290, 300).

  • Crazy Taxi now has a 4th limiter cut level that costs 30 rings and is 300 boost speed.

  • Increased Ring Drain by double. (7 -> 14)

  • Archetype bonus for Drift characters:

    • +3% ring gain on drift


  • Boost costs nerfed: now equal to default instead of below.

  • E10G using this gear has 90% air gain on tricks.

  • No longer has "no speed loss on jump charge".


  • Now passively drains rings (1 rings/per 2 seconds)

  • Trick payout buffed: 5 rings -> 7 rings (10 rings under max MI)

  • Increased drift cost to 2 rings per second


Developer Comments

Changes were made here with the goal of standardizing statistics encouraging a less campy playstyle and an easier time recovering. By rewarding interaction more with bonus rings, it is now more possible to reach the maximum amount of rings with well-placed attacks as well as good ring collection.

  • Top speed range adjusted: 185-255 -> 200-245 (+5 for all-rounders, +10 for top speed characters, Emerl gets +15 because of his bonuses). Made in order to have a better early/mid game and lower the unstoppable potential of the endgame.

  • Boost speed range adjusted: 200-260. Similar reasoning to the above.

  • Drift dash speed nerf: 80->60. The old design has 30 drift dash speed instead of 50 at level 1, so a similar choice was made here.

  • Fixed an oversight where the drift cap was +30 over level 2 drift cap due to the old design still being somewhat present in the code: 290->260 drift cap.

  • Weight Change now costs 10 rings instead of 15 rings.

  • Now has Sticky Fingers (+15 rings per hit).

  • Fixed acceleration gain to add properly (noticeable difference in acceleration now with more rings).


Developer Comments

With the abilities Hang-On possesses, balancing its potential proved difficult without entirely removing the tech you could perform with it. By removing the old boost duration cut during transmission switching for a new gearshift lockout system instead, it lowers the potential of boost chain spam being as effective without removing its usefulness entirely. Overall stat adjustments were created to also lower the raw statistical power the gear had on its own.

  • Adjusted Boost Speeds (230, 260, 280 -> 230, 255, 270).

  • Level 3 Top Speed lowered (245 -> 240).

  • Now applies top speed bonuses from all-round/top-speed archetypes to the gear. Base top speeds and actual top speeds adjusted to fit this.

  • Instead of cutting boost duration when switching levels during a boost, there is a gearshift lockout system. Now when boosting from level 1, you can only shift up linearly in level (1->2->3). You can still shift down freely or shift up or down freely while not boosting. By shifting from level 1->2->3 while boosting, you have 30 frames of lockout between each shift. If you shift from 2->3 while boosting, you have 40 frames of lockout instead. This lockout timer is represented by a red trail.

  • You can now buffer a gear shift by holding the direction, i.e. holding a gear shift direction while the lockout timer is decreasing to shift gears on the earliest frame. This makes gear shifting much more consistent in netplay without having to mash a direction and miss a shift.

  • Fixed Level 2 Drift Dash speed ignoring all stat bonuses.

Stages Changes

Sky Road

  • Last set of random boxes are now guaranteed 10 ring boxes.

Babylon Garden

  • Mini spiral QTE now retains your speed if going above 250.

  • New track added: Undefeatable -> Find Your Flame - SRTE Mix.

Dark Desert

  • First set of fly hoops speed nerfed by 12.5%

  • Last set of fly hoops angle adjusted.

  • Last set of fly hoops speed increased by 100%

Sega Carnival

  • Fixed a bug where performing a trick on the left side of the last ramp would cause you to bounce.

  • Fixed a bug where sign grinding would sometimes cause you to bonk.

Splash Canyon

  • All Fly Hoop speeds have been doubled.

  • All rails on splash are nerfed by 50 speed (except secret rail)

  • Guaranteed ring box values lowered

  • Two additional ring boxes added to first bottom path

Patch Notes by Protag & KC

Render by Luna

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