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Sonic Riders TE 2.0 Patch Notes

General & Bug Fixes

  • Autopilot or "CPU mode" (toggled via DPad down) will now turn your character slightly transparent when it's toggled on.

  • Fixed a bug where the results music wouldn't play if the finish line was crossed while in autopilot mode.

  • Re-coded the "tornado slingshot" mechanic to work better. It is now completely consistent, just like slipstream. A cool camera effect was also added when the slingshot is performed.

  • Added 8 extra character slots on the CSS screen. 2 are blank.

  • Gear models and character models are now completely separated. You won't notice anything too different in-game, but the game now handles this process more efficiently.

  • Fixed a bug where exiting out of an Emerald Chase match would bring you to a glitched menu of Free Race.

  • For jump/falling state, the base cost of Fast Fall has been increased by 16.666% or 0.7 air per frame from 0.6.

  • Added an extra calculation to fly hoop angles to make them calculate better automatically. This was a prominent problem on Neo Metal Sonic due to his high top speed in Super state.

  • Fast Fall now works on quarter pipe ramps.

  • Quarter pipe ramps grant an extra 100 speed. 150 speed for no type builds.

New Mode Introduction

Tournament Race

Developer Comments

In this mode, you are able to ban stages using the X button. The banned stages get reset when backing out of the mode selection menu. This mode is in its very early conceptual stages as well.

  • Added a new button in the section of the menu where you can pick between Free Race, Time Attack and Grand Prix. Tournament Race is a mode where you can simulate a tournament set from within the game. Players use color-coated bans to "strike" stages until they reach the destination of their race. Quitting early in a Tournament Race (before anyone has crossed the finish line to determine a winner) will use other measures to detect the winner. First, the match only counts if at least *one* of the players have crossed the starting line. If the match is quit when both players haven't crossed the start line, no change is made to the set count. If one or both players have crossed the starting line and the match is quit out of, it will determine who paused the game and quit out, then grant the other player the win. You are only able to safely quit out of the match if you've already crossed the finish line in first place, otherwise you forfeit the match. (even if you are in first place) One thing to note, restarting the match (not quitting) will not change anything. All data about a Tournament Race set will be reset if you back out of the menu where you can choose between Free Race, Time Attack and the other modes.

New Characters

Metal Sonic

Developer Comments

Ready to fully show himself, Metal Sonic enters the track as the first additional playable character in this patch. Metal Sonic will share the boost archetype alongside Chaos, allowing him the ability to continue his boost where other archetypes would not be able to. We felt as though Metal Sonic was a no-brainer and it would be a way to tie in the previous patch to this one as well. He should feel at home with the other racers with his default gear, unique sounds, and trick names. 

  • Adopts Speed Type

  • Adopts Boost Archetype

  • Weight value: 1.1 (Same as Sonic)


Developer Comments

Revealing himself to be the secret project Tails was working on in the 2.0 teaser, Emerl joins the race as the only Wild Card. Emerl is a character that while not originally planned from the get-go, quickly became apparent as a character we felt passionate about including. He will be the second character in the game to have no type, but will also have a unique ability called Gizoid Replication.

  • Adopts No Type

  • Adopts Wild Card Archetype

  • Cannot use Access and Gambler

  • Weight value: 1.15 (Same weight as Shadow)

  Wild Card Attributes

  - Gains "All Rounder" Statistics

  - Gains signature ability - "Gizoid Replication" (GR)

Gizoid Replication

While observing an enemy racer, their type is copied at 1.2 times potency for a set amount of time. The default timespan increases upon each level up and will also get a bonus depending on how he achieves this effect.

  • Base timer for Gizoid Replication is 5s/10s/15s for each level respectively.

  • Bumping into a player grants an extra 10 seconds of GR. (Startline included)

  • Attacking a player grants an extra 5 seconds of GR.

  • Riding turbulence or catching slipstream grants you an extra second of GR. (You have to ride turbulence for 2 seconds or be within slipstream for 1 second to initiate a GR.) If there are multiple people in the slipstream, Emerl will copy the type of the player that is frontmost.

  • A sound effect is played when Gizoid Replication is triggered and your exhaust trail will change color depending on the type you copied (works the same way as E10G Gambler)


Developer Comments

The princess of flames herself Blaze adorns a new outfit for 2.0. With each character getting some sort of distinction for them when being added to SRTE, we felt like it would be a disservice to simply have Blaze as she appears in Zero Gravity. As such, we have overhauled her design with inspiration coming from Blaze's original concept art from back when she was meant to be the original antagonist for Sonic Adventure 2. Blaze will have Speed type and the Trickster archetype. We think this creates a fun playstyle as you will be able to use the super leap ability in tandem with the speed of the rails she gains access to, leading to moments where she can speed-blitz her opponents.

  • Adopts Speed Type

  • Adopts Trickster Archetype

  • Weight value: 1.05 (In between Jet and Sonic)


Developer Comments

Silver the Hedgehog joins 2.0 as a Fly type with the new Trickster archetype. Silver too was a no-brainer and was something the team felt passionate about adding as soon as possible. With Silver being Trickster we hope to provide full accessibility to the players for the trickster archetype. When adding Silver into the game, we felt as though leaving him exactly the same while acceptable due to our feelings that it is hard to change much without making it too jarring was not something we wanted to do without trying. So we gave him a futuristic visor to add to the theme of everyone getting something to make them feel more at home in the game. While silver in a vacuum has nothing outstanding about him, we want to ensure that all possible avenues may be traversed in order for a player to truly express themselves.

  • Adopts Fly Type

  • Adopts Trickster Archetype

  • Weight value: 1.025 (In between Jet and Blaze)


Developer Comments

Tikal joins this patch as a power-type character in SRTE 2.0. Tikal adorns the Trickster archetype alongside Blaze and Silver, fulfilling the three types needed to allow the archetype to be played in all three playstyles. While she is a power type and an Echidna, she is light. When deciding on her design for 2.0, we wanted to give her something fresh, but not compromise the key aspects of her design. In the end, Tikal turned out to be a welcome addition and should provide a fun experience in being able to utilize her archetype with both her type and weight.

  • Adopts Power Type

  • Adopts Trickster Archetype

  • Weight value: 0.925 (In between Tails & Wave)


Developer Comments

We couldn't have Tikal without her companion and mutated Chao, Chaos. Chaos will be the second character to have the boost archetype, being a contrast to Tikal by being heavy while having the same archetype as Metal Sonic. With how much the boost archetype intrinsically adds more value for the air you spend on a boost, we believe that with a type like power Chaos should be able to not only be efficient in air consumption but also in his ability to use his archetype's abilities whilst in his shortcut path.

  • Adopts Power Type

  • Adopts Boost Archetype

  • Weight value: 1.425 (In between Knuckles & Storm)

New Character Archetypes

Boost Characters

Developer Comments

This archetype specializes in a new signature ability called "Boost Retention". Potentially being able to get more value in your boosts in key situations. They will also enhance many properties of boosting in general including the base speed.

  • Gains +1 boost speed for each level up (i.e. 201/232/253 for standard boosting gears)

  • Boost Retention Ability - Negates the cancellation of boost duration (BD) from charging, jumping, tricking, using type shortcuts, tornadoes, and falling.

  • Booster Rooster Ability - While boosting, base acceleration for your character/gear combination is increased by +250%

Trick Characters

Developer Comments

This archetype specializes in acrobatic statics and technique. In turn, they will seem more stylish rather than immediately effective. However, their unique utility will allow them to shine in adept hands.

  • Charging past max jump charge will increase the trick speed animation.

  • 75% Fast Fall Cost.

  • Gain +30 speed when performing a trick. (on turbulence too)

  • 7 frame window for L canceling. (5 frames normally)

  • Super Leap Ability - Press brake and jump to perform it. The jump propels you forward, adding to both height (+2 from normal height being 18 units.) & current speed but quickly dissipates. Costs 15 air to perform.

Wild Card

Developer Comments

This archetype is not bound by any singular convention for character archetype design. Characters that adopt this archetype usually exhibit major gameplay alterations that will greatly affect the way you approach your strategy of selecting an accompanying extreme gear. As more and more characters get released and more archetypes designed via pure state changes become exhausted, Wild Cards will stand as the shiny new beacons of variety.

New Default Gears

Stardust Speeder

Developer Comments

When designing Metal Sonic's board we had multiple ideas in mind, but we felt like the one we ended up with him fits him best. It's an homage to the speed booster in the game he originated from Sonic CD.

Psychic Wave

Developer Comments

Silver represents a new frontier for Riders. His board signifies his singular vision - simple and sleek, with enough giveaways to hint that it originates from a time period far unlike our own.

Mystic Melody

Developer Comments

Tikal's board is a unique one - its color scheme and rounded edges contrast with the average Extreme Gear design. These features give her default a distinctive look evocative both of her personality and that of an era long past.


Developer Comments

Chaos keeps in line with boards paying homages to their owners. The board is inspired by Chaos' evolutions beyond 0; in particular, the bony structure that his further evolutions had, making the board itself seem like an extension of Chaos.

Burning Scepter

Developer Comments

Blaze rides on the Jeweled Scepter rather than a traditional board in 2.0. The Jeweled Scepter is a powerful relic that first appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure. We felt as though this would be a good fit for Blaze as not only did the scepter itself come from the Rush miniseries where she is a major protagonist, but it is fitting as someone of royalty to have precious jewels on their board.

Gizoid Gear

Developer Comments

Emerl's board is a board that we found surprisingly straightforward to design. We knew we wanted to incorporate aspects of the battle cards you would find in Sonic Battle, so using the blue gradient that rests in the middle was an easy choice. Seeing as Emerl's first and only game appearance is on the Game Boy Advance, we paid homage to that at the tail of the board. Overall we're happy with the result.

Character Changes

Developer Comments

Just tightened up some of the inconsistencies between attack ranges and attack stun relationships between archetypes.

  • Tails' level 3 attack stun increased to 120 frames (from 90).

  • Shadow's level 3 attack stun decreased to 110 frames (from 160).

  • The Daze effect of Ulala's level 3 is increased to 130 frames (from 110)

  • Jet's level 1 attack range increased to 3 (from 2).

  • Amy level 3 attack range ​decreased to 3 (from 4).

  • Fixed a bug where EX loading E10R would still give you the preset stats of a Speed type.

  • For the most part, E10R now uses his original voicelines in-game.

  • Ulala has some new english voice lines

Gear Changes




Developer Comments

Ring Gears can inherently hold more fuel since most were designed around never having even close to a full tank at any given time. Back when the community was younger, Ring gears not losing their vital resources upon being attacked was justified. However, there are a variety of factors that make this line of thinking outdated. General player optimization, the introduction of Magnetic Impulse, Tornado Ignore, S Ranks, and the resources buffs many stages received are just a couple of components that make ring gears much better. It has become a surprisingly effective approach for ring gear users to hoard fuel while in 2nd, then unleashing it on the final stretch of the track. This change aims to instill adequate risk for ring gears users when they choose to employ the stockpiling strategy.

  • Added the new "Defeatist" (or Butter Fingers if you like the funny name.)" special flag to all ring gears. When ring gears are attacked, they lose a percentage of their rings. This depends on how many rings they are currently holding.

       Ring Loss Rates

     - 70-100 rings: 40% ring loss.

     - 40-69 rings: 35% ring loss.

     - 15-39 rings: 25% ring loss.

     - Under 15 rings: 1% ring loss.



  • Fixed a bug where the gear wouldn't be able to sign grind.

  • Fixed a bug where the gear would immediately retire when playing with Retire turned on in the Race Settings.



Developer Comments

In hindsight, giving hovercraft any kind of support in the attempt to make it more newcomer friendly has only made it more powerful at high-level play. As optimization of the slippery controls continues, the more seemingly unstoppable the gear will become. In other words, Hovercraft users will continue to make the gear better and better. Therefore, it's best to not interfere with this type of high-skill ceiling design, as any attempt to make it easier to play will result in breaking it.

  • 1.5 ring pickup removed.

High Booster

  • Now gains half of its air tank back every time it lands an attack (equivalent to 1 boost).

Slide Booster

Developer Comments

The motive for these changes is to make Slide Booster more fun to play in moment-to-moment gameplay, while highlighting its very specific abilities.

  • Slide Booster's ability air lock is buffed. You now cannot leave turbulence via L + R exit.

  • Can now boost. No attack, no boost duration. Speed is 260/300/400 at each level respectively. Boost costs 30% of air gauge.

  • Received the "cannot boost chain" special flag.


  • Drift dash speeds across all levels have been slightly nerfed. The most impacted level is the first level (starts at 30 frame drift).


  • Removed increase deacceleration to 10% (from regular) (This was a 1.4.2 change that wasn't ported to 2.0)

  • Trickster archetype's Fast Fall cost reduction stacks with Legend's fast fall cost reduction. This means playing Trickster with Legend has a FF cost reduction of 50%.


  • When attempting to switch to the same mode using the DPad, it will give you half of your max air, and will cost 20 rings instead of 30.


  • Reverted to its 1.3 design. (Will be amended in the future)

Super Tails

  • Tails' texture will now dynamically switch when changing between normal & super state.

  • Fixed a bug where you could take the pit after transforming into super state.

  • You cannot transform whilst taking a pit anymore.

Super Knuckles

  • Boost speed decreased to 250 (from 255).

  • Drift costs increased by 10%.

New Gear Introduction

Neo Metal Sonic

Developer Comments

The introduction of Metal Sonic's access to the Chaos Emeralds emerges in an exciting new gear design. Neo Metal is fundamentally similar to Super Tails where the gimmick lies between form switching. However, the key difference is that Neo's relationship with his super form. While his base form is just shy of other supers, his Super State activates automatically once 50 rings are collected. The Super Form's lifespan is incredibly short, draining a staggering 10 rings per second on the ground. The player is granted access to what is the most deadly extreme gear in the game, but without the ability to significantly control it. This makes Neo far more straightforward than Super Tails, as the Super Form is less of a resource to use methodically, and somewhat more comparable to an "ultimate" ability from the team FPS Overwatch.

Base Form

  • Gear Type: Non-leveling Air gear (Stuck at a lvl 1 air gauge)

  • Speed & Power Type (No archetype adoptions)

  • Base statistic: 197 Top Speed, 240 Boost Speed, 200 Run Speed, average air costs.

  • AOE Spinout Attack with a 3.5 range (0.5 higher than base attack range) (This attack is essentially Super Sonics with no daze effect but more range.)

  • Delta Stream Ability - type shortcuts increase in speed the higher the "link". +8% boost per link for both rails and fly hoops. Linking power objects grants +2 extra speed per link.

Super Form (Automatically activates upon collecting 50 rings.)

  • Gains Fly Type

  • Gains Attack Veil (Berserker effect but without the counter-attack)

  • AOE Attack range increased to 4.5 (0.5 higher than a combat character)

  • Base statistic: 245 Top Speed, 250 Boost Speed, 230 Run Speed, all air costs remain the same.

  • 10 rings per second passive drain, but air is still used to do everything else. (Rings are only going to be drained if you're on the ground, jumping, or falling.)

Gameplay Additions

Rail/Hoop Dashing

Developer Comments

The Power Type has significant control over its type shortcuts. With significant control also comes a bigger margin for error. Spacing, timing, and precision are all necessary to succeed as a Power Type player. This is part of what makes the Power Type most satisfying to many players. Oddly, Speed & Fly doesn't even remotely ask the same from the player. These changes aim to bring some nuance to the other types, without disrupting how they function fundamentally. This is to make them both more engaging & interactive.

  • By pressing L or B you can boost while in Fly State. Only L works for the Rail Dash. Opponents can be attacked on the rail, but it will only drain rings/air.

  • Hoop dash's initial ring cost is 15, then 22 rings per second. Initial air costs 40/45/50 air, and then 20/25/30 air per second for each level respectively.

  • Rail dash's initial ring cost is 10 rings, 9 rings per second. Air gears spend 20/25/30, then 20/25/30 air per second for each level respectively.

  • Rail/Hoop dash also drains MI. Hoop Dash will drain from max MI to 0 MI in roughly 6 seconds, and Rail dash in roughly 3 seconds.

Rail Dash Limits/Constraints

- You can only use the mechanic once per rail. (technically you can reset it for rails by just jumping off the rail and jumping back on it)

- If you air out while Dashing, it will deactivate as you continue to ride the rail.

Hoop Dash Limits/Constraints

- You must use a fly hoop (accelerator ring) in order to initiate Hoop Dash. 

- Normally, you can only use Hoop Dash once per Fly State. Although you can hit another hoop to initiate it again.

- When you fly hoop dash for more than 2 seconds, you will fall out of the air as soon as you hit the max duration.

- If you Air out while Dashing, you will fall out of the air.

After using fly hoop dash, you will start to gradually lose speed up until you hit another hoop.

L Canceling

Developer Comments

L Canceling or Perfect Landing allows one to guarantee a successful trick by pressing L or R within 5 frames before they land. (7 frames for tricksters) It's quite a simple addition that provides niche uses for legend, trick characters, and very specific ramps. It currently has no drawbacks which may change in the future.

  • Press L/R within 5 frames before you land to guarantee a successful trick. (7 frames for tricksters) A 30-frame lockout window is present to punish players that attempt to mash the input. A pulse effect will occur when performed correctly.

Existing Mechanical Changes

Magnetic Impulse

Developer Comments

Magnetic Impulse is getting tightened up a bit. The main change is a distance check not allowing for any "farming" while in close proximity to a leading opponent. Along with Tornado Ignore receiving nerfs in tandem, preventing the opponent from accumulating MI while too close will be a more realizable strategy, with effort of course.

  • MI now has a distance check. When a MI user crosses within roughly 2 metal city cars of the player in 1st place, the current MI value freezes and is not allowed to grow anymore.

  • The guaranteed lifespan of max MI has been buffed to 5 seconds (from 4 seconds).

  • Tornado Pass subtracts 15% of the player's MI away (Exception for the guaranteed 5 seconds you get when achieving max MI).

  • Tornado Tank subtracts 10% of the player's MI away (Exception for the guaranteed 5 seconds you get when achieving max MI).

Stage Changes

Splash Canyon

  • Took away the ability to tornado on the water section before the QTE.

Babylon Garden

  • The mini spiral QTE that Speed type usually takes is now affected by MI. You can gain a maximum of +50 speed using it with MI.

Ice Factory

Developer Comments

Ice Factory has some frustrating instances for players that would sometime cause players the entire match. Similar to the classic sonic games, some of the enemy robots cannot be seen coming until it is too late. It seems that fate is not without a sense of irony.

  • Removed the robot on the turn that leads to the final power path.

  • Removed two leftmost dash panels in the row of dash panels before final power path.

Sand Ruins

Developer Comments

Similar idea with the Ice Factory changes. Just reduces possible frustration.

  • Removed dash panels on the left side wall near the pillars before the QTE.

Patch notes written by Protag & Logic Mage

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