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Sonic Riders TE 1.4 Patch Notes

The context of these patch notes are changes from SRTE 1.3

General QOL Changes & Bug Fixes


Developer Comments

Standing alongside many major changes to the game are several smaller quality of life improvements. Individually, many of these tweaks may not seem significant, but collectively they go a long way toward improving the game's overall feel and tempo. Stage-specific changes can be found further down.

Aesthetic Tweaks

  • The Crazy's buggy exhaust trail is fixed.

  • Level 4 now shows on the HUD.

  • Super Sonic now has a separate board texture.

  • Removed the timer in multiplayer.

  • Every model that is used is now the single-player model (except Super Sonic).

  • "Announcer" toggle in Rule Settings has been replaced by the "JPN Voices" toggle.

  • Super Hang-On music can now be triggered by any of the players and works via port priority.

  • Modified all the gears' descriptions to fit the gear more.

  • Stage descriptions now depict whether the stage is a neutral, counterpick, or a gentlemen stage.

  • Every character's boost particles change color at the very end of the boost duration, to indicate when your boost is about to end.

  • The Omochao balloon now spawns in always regardless of the Announcer toggle.

  • Shadow's default gear now actually defaults to Type-W. It also now has a custom CSS texture.

  • You are now able to see the stage you selected in CSS (Character Select Screen) at the top left corner of the screen.

  • Fixed a bug where the invincibility theme would bug out the stage music if you happened to be listening to a custom track and not a track from vanilla.

Mechanical Tweaks

  • Added single-player stage object loading.

  • Added passive turbulence buffs (speed cap on turbulence, recipro multiplier.)

  • If there is a power ditto present in a race, power objects will respawn much faster.

  • Added leveling up to Level 4 properly. Works just like any other level up with air restoration.

  • Rings respawn faster (in 6 seconds).

  • Drifting left whilst hitting a dash panel doesn't reset your drift state and your drift frames anymore.

  • You are now able to jump in run state. You can't charge your jump though.

  • You can access Fly type shortcuts in run state.

  • If you're charging prior to airing out, you will keep that jump charge if you keep holding jump when you air out.

  • Going off of rails give you an Extend (max jump charge for 1 second).

  • When attacking someone, the attacker also gets an Extend, as well as the attacked.

  • Recipro Extend works even in run state.

  • Advantage S can now get hit and can attack in run state.

  • The infamous slow trick speed "bug", that would happen on automatic ramps has been fixed. As an added bonus, you can now spam tricks off of manual ramps.

  • Changed the trick system slightly. Made landing in the last half of your side flip a little more lenient and landing backwards or forwards a little more lenient.

  • When you back out to the main menu, it won't force you to load your game data anymore.

  • Speed is now gained while turning. Now you can make slight adjustments without losing speed.

  • You can now instantly scroll through characters/gears in the CSS screen.

  • Improved dash panel behavior. Now, when your speed is too low, you'll be set to 200 speed. If your speed isn't low, it will add onto your current speed.

  • Every stage's 100 ring box and max air box has been removed/replaced in some cases.

  • Side flips on certain ramps in certain stages now give you more distance. This is to fix random deaths on stages like Sand Ruins or Dark Desert where side flipping too early on a ramp would kill you.

  • Drift state is no longer lost when bonking against walls.

  • When performing a drift dash and your current speed is above your character's drift cap, it will add the difference between your current speed and your drift cap on top of your current speed.
    In other words, this means that you will be able to generate mini drift dashes when drift dashing at high speeds (in slipstream, downhill, high boosting gears, etc).

  • When a player performs a trick on top of a rail, the landing status will no longer be calculated. This makes it impossible to "fail" tricks on rails.

  • Fly type now has significantly better/"unlocked" turning in-flight state. It is still semi-dynamically calculated based off of your speed.

  • You now get recipro extend after death and after performing a sign grind.

  • Falling naturally (off a ledge for example) won't reset recipro extend anymore.

  • Fixed all fly hoop angles and they are now correctly based off of fly hoop speed.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • CPUs only spawn in Battle Mode if there's only one player in the match.

  • "Level" toggle in Rule Settings is off by default and has been replaced by the "CPU" toggle.

  • Story Mode is now playable (it automatically skips all cutscenes).

General Sound Effects

Developer Comments

Great sound design is critical in a Sonic game to successfully convey the feeling of breakneck speed. Additions made to the mod's sound were a big focus for this patch. We believe that sound design adds a lot of charm to video games and Riders oddly lacks it. Some events that are impactful have no accompanying sound effect, such as dying or getting hit by a tornado. This made them feel a little empty. Additionally, you are now able to freely toggle between English and Japanese voices in the stage selection menus.

  • New SFX for landing a 10+ trick combination

  • Added a SFX for hitting a kill plane

  • Added a SFX for getting hit by a tornado

  • Added a SFX for going through a tornado

  • Added a SFX for obtaining a magnet

  • Added a SFX for transforming into superstate (Super Tails)

  • Added multiple SFX related to magnetic impulse

  • Toggle between English and Japanese voices in the Race settings

Sign Grinding

Developer Comments

Sign grinding is one of the coolest aspects of Riders stage design. Sadly it's rather an underutilized element. Even worse, it's usually not worth going for due to having no return on investment. That's why all sign grinds now shoot you out at 300 speed. You also gain air too which means spacing for longer grinds is recommended. Natural speed types gain more and no types gain even more. We're looking forward to seeing this implemented in future routing!

  • Wall grinding has a base 300 speed.

  • You gain air from wall grinding, and even more, air when you're a natural speed type or no-type. If you are a ring gear, you gain rings.

  • Recipro extend (temporary max jump charge) is granted after a sign grind

Rendering distance

Developer Comments
All Riders players who've played for any extended amount of time will know how frustratingly inconsistent the rendering routine for the opponents' model operates. Oftentimes a player who by all accounts should've appeared just in front of view would simply be left unrendered, making it almost impossible to cleanly line up for attacks. This problem has been patched, as the player model rendering is now infinite.


  • Player model rendering distance is now infinite


Item Boxes RNG

Developer Comments
You can no longer get speed shoes randomly as an air gear in the early game.
At level 3 it raises to 20% which makes you a lot more likely to roll the item when desired. (Ring gears share the 20% chance)
By doing things this way, we decrease the frustration players have when not leveling up from random boxes and increase the chance of getting speed shoes when the player actually wants them. We want the RNG in the game to still exist, as we think that it's still somewhat important for the game's charm and soul. The change is simply meant to skew it much more in the player's favor now. While this may slow down level 4 gears from getting to their final form, they aren't really played on stage where this would matter. Level 4 gears by design are most viable on stages where there are massive stashes of rings that could bypass the ring collecting process, such as Splash Canyon. In addition, the stages have been slightly redesigned with all-new, speed shoe boxes. These boxes are placed all throughout the stages, usually being found in areas you wouldn't normally tra
vel over, like a no-type route, a secret passage, and in classic sonic tradition, the high ground. This also makes for more intelligent ways for enriching these routes, rather than just always using air boxes or dash panels. The other item changes are simply meant to diversify their usefulness of them.

  • Magnets' life span has been increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

  • Added anti-item camping measures. If you pick up the exact same item box more than once during the same lap, that box will only give you speed shoes.

  • The 100 ring box has been replaced with a 5 ring box or speed shoes unless specified.

  • NEW - 5 ring boxes come into existence.

  • NEW - Speed Shoe boxes come into existence. They are places throughout the stages.

  • Speed shoes RNG

     Level 1 & 2 = 0%

     Level 3 = 20%

  • If you're a level 3 air gear in second place, then your RNG chances look like this:

     10 Rings - 40%

     50 Air - 30%

     Speed Shoes - 30%


Developer Comments
One of the most interesting aspects of Sonic Riders is definitely the trick system. Previously, S ranks were worthless as they often take longer to perform than the higher S+, despite granting less air. S ranks now grant 300 speed when performed. This includes manuals, half pipes, and even the web on Green Cave. Many gears find it useful to perform a boost chain out of an X rank due to the 200 granted for landing one. Sadly at later levels or on high boosting gears altogether, this isn't an option. The speed granted facilitates these gears better. It also encourages a little more trick variety. Instead of always doing the same old X rank combination for 90% of ramps, the player gains a new risk latent option, that trades the air of an X rank, in return for a massive burst of speed.


  • S rank tricks grant 300 speed

  • Trick of Greed is a new special flag for ring gears. You pay 3 rings for every S rank that you do, some special exceptions exist such as Accelerator (which costs 8 rings) and Super Hang-On (which deducts air).

Weight Stat

Developer Comments
The complete scrapping of Cornering as a state. It is now replaced with Weight. Weight is applied to all characters and extreme gears in a variety of ways. Each individual character and extreme gear possess their own weight value, and you can mix up gears with characters and have them weigh differently like in other racing games. Weight does a lot for the game, but the main takeaways are enhanced game feel & greater depth in character variety.


Weight affects:

  • How fast characters fall naturally and when using the fast fall feature.

  • How much air per frame fast fall will cost.

  • How long it takes to reach max jump charge.

  • How high a character jumps.

  • How much speed you gain when traveling downhill.

  • How much speed you lose when traveling uphill.

  • How much speed you lose when traveling off-road.

  • How much air you lose going through turbulence or tornadoes when clutch mode is active.

Character Weight Spectrum


Fast Fall

Developer Comments
A brand new mechanic to Sonic Riders. Holding the B button in fall state or trick state will result in the player falling faster than normal. The longer you hold the button, the more velocity you will gain. The speed and cost at which you fall is determined by the character and gear's weight. Lighter characters will consume less air when fast falling, while heavier characters will consume more. The base fast falling velocity is the same for every character, however, heavier characters will fall much faster than lighter characters because their weight is accounted for in the equation.


  • Hold B in the air to fast fall.

  • For jump/falling state, it's based on weight: you start off with a base of 0.6 air per frame and it applies the weight calculation. For comparison, Eggman and heavy bike would be "2" weight in-game so that would mean it would take 1.2 air per frame on Eggman heavy bike.

  • For trick state, it's a set value: 0.65 air per frame, no weight calculation done. Currently, the only gear that has different air takes is legend, it only subtracts 75% of the final calculation's worth of air.

Created by Sirky

Tornado Changes

Developer Comments
A lot of changes to how tornadoes work this patch. Being capable of going through tornadoes (tornado pass) nullifies a lot of the degenerate strategies surrounding them. However, they remove a significant amount of air to do so. When fixing issues revolving the tornado mechanic, we thought about a tornado timer at first, but we want to retain the freedom player currently have to place the tornadoes basically wherever they please.  It also didn't return the engaging counterplay advantages that tornado pass has.

  • Tornado Pass allows gears to pass through tornadoes while in Clutch Mode. When performed, any boost duration gets canceled, and air is spent. 30/50/70 air for each level respectively. Gears with standard boost speeds (less than < 200/230/250) possess this ability.

  • Tornado Tank allows gears to pass through tornadoes while in Clutch Mode. Similar to Tornado Pass when performed, air is spent. 30/50/70 air for each level respectively. If the player is boosting, the cost is 42/70/98 air for each level respectively. Gears with higher boost speeds (greater than > 200/230/250) possess this ability.

  • Note: Ignoring a tornado will put you on a 10 frame invincibility timer, thus making spamming tornadoes pointless.

  • Note: Some gears have both Tornado Pass and Tornado Tank depending on the current level. For example, Air Broom has Tornado Tank at lvl 1 because of its 205 boost speed, but has Tornado Pass at lvls 2 & 3. BS2 has Tornado Tank at lvl 2 courtesy of its 235 boost speed, but not for lvl 1 & 3.

Tornado Slingshot

Developer Comments
A new technique that is the counterpart to tornado pass. You are now granted a speed boost by skimming past a tornado. You must be extremely close to the hitbox in order for it to successfully trigger. This mechanic is nullified when the clutch is active. This gives the player the ability to avoid accidental slingshots, while simultaneously forcing the player to risk getting hit by the tornado if they wish to utilize the tech in the first place. We accomplish a couple of things by tuning the slingshot to be a high-risk, medium reward. For one it ensures that generally, all slingshots will be intentional, but more than that, we facilitate a brand new height for player expression, as only those willing to take their extreme gear skills to the next level, will set themselves apart from the rest.

  • NEW - Skimming pass a tornado produces a speed boost.

Turbulence Changes

Developer Comments
Turbulence is the original comeback factor we all know and love. In SRTE version 1.3, it was buffed noticeably. It became much better, but still inconstant & lacking. These changes aim to make it more potent and option-rich. This includes the previous L+R turbulence exit going from obsolete to granting it a whole new purpose.


  • "Skinny" or "toothpaste" turbulence no longer exists in the game (was frequently seen on Splash Canyon's hairpin).

  • You can hold the A button on turbulence to not take a turbulence trick.

  • Turbulence has no speed cap.

  • Each turbulence trick gives +50 speed for each one performed.

  • The "Recipro" technique (that little spinny thing you can do on turbulence) gives you about +25 speed when performed.

  • You now get the initial +50 speed from your turbulence trick if you were to miss the turbulence on landing.

  • There are two ways of leaving turbulence early, Clutch mode drop (CMD) and the L+R exit. They now have different pros and cons.


Run State
Developer Comments
These changes allow the run state to be a bit less punishing and have a bit more variety between characters and even offer some niche viability for certain gears and situations. As you could no doubt tell, we took a page out of Sonic R. And of course, Sonic is now the fastest. 😉

  • You are now able to jump in run state. You can't charge your jump though.

  • You can access Fly type shortcuts in run state.

  • Recipro Extend (temporary max charge) works even in run state.

  • Run speed increases upon level up. Character type determines the speed values.

Speed - 170/180/190

Fly - 160/170/180

Power - 150/160/170

E10G - 160/170/180

Sonic - 170/180/200

  • Character type determines your handling. 

Speed - Low handling

​Fly - Mid handling

Power - Good handling

E10G - In between ​Fly & Power handling

Magnetic Impulse (MI)

Developers Comments
A new mechanic to Sonic Riders. This is a comeback factor that interacts with Turbulence and Slipstream. If the player behind has not interacted with Turbulence or Slipstream for a prolonged period of time, (1 second) they will gain more air and speed from certain actions. This is reliant on a timer and the player's placement being below 1st place. Similar to Slipstream, the longer you are under the effects of Magnetic Impulse, the stronger it becomes. MI reaches full power after 20 seconds of exposure. When under the effects of Turbulence and Slipstream for a second straight, Magnetic Impulse is stalled and begins to decay. MI takes 15 seconds for the intensity to decay from full power to zero. MI will reignite when the timer for Turbulence and Slipstream deprivation has been reached again. When that happens, the intensity of MI picks up where it left off. MI will mainly come into play on stages where Slipstream and Turbulence are not as present, or when a player is no longer within the range of these comeback factors. While the player will gain access to more resources, it is up to them to make use of it. This is similar to comeback mechanics in many fighting games that either fill a resource faster, or make your character gain a pinch ability. Think V-trigger from Street Fighter 5, or Rage from Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


Effect Specifics:

Red BM Streak - indicates that MI is active and being used

Blue BM Streak -  indicates that MI is dormant and not being used

Max MI - both streaks are present at the same time, slightly bigger, and are rotating very fast

Magnetic Impulse Statistics:
Grind Rails give 50% more speed and also more air under maximum Magnetic Impulse. (Notes: However, the max speed gain does scale depending on how fast the initial rail is. The slower the initial rail is, the more MI will buff it. If the rail is already super-fast, MI can only slightly improve it.)
Fly Hoops give 20% more speed and also more air under maximum Magnetic Impulse.
Power Objects give +50 speed and also more air under maximum Magnetic Impulse. 

Pits give up to 5 more air every frame and shoot you out the pit at +150 speed under maximum Magnetic Impulse.

Tricks give you +50 more air under maximum Magnetic Impulse.

Dash panels give +20 speed under maximum Magnetic Impulse.

Sign Grinds grants +1.75 air per frame or 0.5 rings per frame under maximum Magnetic Impulse.

Ring gears have their passive air drain lowered the more Magnetic Impulse you have. At maximum MI, you have no passive drain. If the gear passively gains rings, you will gain up to double the normal amount passively at max MI. Ring gears also gain more rings from ring boxes. Up to 5 extra rings under maximum Magnetic Impulse. 

Activation Conditions: After 1 second of no slipstream or turbulence, a red particle will begin orbiting around the character. MI will be active, but the value is stalled while riding turbulence for the first second, and after a second of riding, it will decay. The principle is the same with slipstream or crossing into 1st place. When MI begins to decay, the red streak will fade and the blue one will take over. This is to signify that you still have an MI value, it's just not in effect/decaying at the moment. The speed at which the orb rotates is an indication of its current intensity, regardless of the orb's state.


  • When max MI is reached, the player will have it for a minimum of 4 seconds. The only exception is crossing into 1st place.

  • All-type's max MI bonus on shortcut speeds is at 60% capacity and multi-type's effectiveness is 80%.

  • MI does not build in QTE sections. This includes the turbulence before Babylon Garden's QTE.


E10B joins the World Grand Prix

Developer Comments
E10B is added to the roster of playable characters. He hails from the 3rd game in the Riders series, Sonic Free Riders. Near the end of the game's plot, he reveals himself as Metal Sonic and attempts to obliterate on the cast using his copied biodata. He was inevitably defeated by Sonic & co. Now he has returned to exact revenge on the Blue Blur!

This was the team's very first attempt at adding a character to Sonic Riders. Our way of achieving this came with some limitations, but ones that the team was willing to work with in order to make it happen. While we are unable to alter or add character models, by repainting existing cosmetics, adding new voice lines, and changing gameplay properties, E10B goes a long way in feeling like a legitimate addition to the cast. This change doubles as a balance decision.1.3 had two Power-type characters were gear limited which unfairly harmed the type's viability as a whole. It's our hope that this alteration helps to make the roster stat spread more interesting!

  • All texted based mention "E10R" is replaced with "E10B"

  • Added dark blue HUD & boost trail

  • E10R voice lines replaced with Metal Sonic lines and various sfx from the classic sonic games

  • Power type > Speed type


Character Archetypes

Developer Comments
A couple of major changes are being made to Early Booster Archetype. In the effort of expanding upon their usefulness, they will be undergoing a new moniker... "Combat". Combat characters have hyper-accelerated statistical builds that pertain to player interaction. The higher boost chain multiplier, combined with the enhanced attack range provides greater blitz speed potential, creating a much bigger bubble of danger for these characters specifically. In other words, you want to keep a certain range against them, because they can close the gap between you and them in a much shorter window of time than any other archetype. However, they are air inefficient, being granted no top speed bonus and no extra boost duration at lvl 3. Because of this, they typically end up being the unforgiving archetype to run. But in the hands of an adept player, they are the scariest characters in the game. We also swapped the Archetypes around for certain characters. This is more so an artistic decision.

Early Booster is redefined to Combat


  • Boost Duration +80 frames lvl 1 & 2 > +70 frames at lvl 1 & 2

  • NEW - +4% Boost Chain Multiplier

  • NEW - Increased hitstun at lvl 3

  • NEW - Increased attack range at lvl 3
    (most characters have a value of 3, while combat characters at lvl 3 have a value of 4)


Archetypes Swaps

Cream: Combat > All-Around

Shadow: Combat > All-Around

Tails: All-Around > Combat

Ulala: All-Around > Combat

Misc changes
Developer Comments

We switched around some types. Notably, Amy forgoes Speed in favor of Power. To accommodate this change, she'll pull out her hammer whenever something is in her way. E10R will be returning as an EX load for an upcoming hotfix post-1.4 launch. This is a newly implemented feature that will pave the way for exciting future additions to the game's aesthetics; simply hold X when selecting an appropriate character/gear and you will be able to swap model skins, or even entire characters. Most other changes were done to better fit the characters in their new roles.

  • Every character's hitbox has been normalized. (Except Jet's lvl 1 and Amy's lvl 3)

  • Amy loses speed type and gains power type. She has a special animation when she hits power objects.

  • Attack nerfs/buffs

- Knuckles attack stun increased to 140 frames (from 90)

- Eggman attack stun increased to 160 frames (from 130)
- Cream attack stun increased to 150 frames (from 130)
- Ulala attack stun (daze effect) increased to 110 frames (from 75)
- Amy attack stun reduced to 120 frames (from 300)
- Shadow attack stun increased to 160 frames (from 150)

  • Tails, Knuckles, Ulala, E10G: increase boost chain multiplier by 4% (around 19% > 23%)

  • Shadow, Eggman, Cream: boost chain multiplier increased by 2%

Metal City
Developer Comments

Metal City is the single most iconic stage in the game and a lot of players' favorite. That said we didn't have much reason to change it beyond simple QoL improvements. We feel the universal stage changes complement Metal City well enough.

  • Height is increased while jumping off of the halfpipe that leads up to the flight path after the tunnels in Metal City.

  • 30 ring box in the first fly path is now a 20 box.

  • The new 5 ring box replaces the 100 ring box on the sign grind.

  • Buffed the last fly route to +100 (from +50).


Splash Canyon
Developer Comments

Splash Canyon is a similar case to Metal City. Not much needed to be altered. The main concern was the abundance of rings on the stage leading to rings gear dominating. The changes aren't intended to kill ring gears, rather allow air gears to be more viable. The added dash panels are intended to assist no type.

  • Splash Canyon first rail's range from where you can latch onto it has been increased slightly.

  • On the very first manual top path in Splash Canyon, the rightmost ring box in the second row of 30 ring boxes (which was a 20 ring box) has been changed to a 30 ring box.

  • Shortened the last rail on Splash Canyon by a tiny bit.

  • There is a new set of +50 dash panels after the qte in the archway.

Egg Factory

Developer Comments

There was a lot of changes with Egg Factory. They mostly focus on making the stage less frustrating and more fun. Some dash panel placement didn't make much sense and most dash panels weren't nearly powerful enough to justify using them.

  • Changed the Egg Factory lava's RNG. The lava will now despawn faster, allowing you to pinpoint the open lava path faster. Also, there will now always be two separate lava paths open.

  • There is a new fly path that takes you from the first manual ramp to the first top path.

  • The dash panels right after the barrel power path in Egg Factory have been moved up to right before the incline.

  • Fixed a bug where your respawn would be insanely bugged out on Egg Factory if you happened to get tornadoed right before the QTE and you were propped above the wall.

  • Added Egg Factory QTE changes: Slower path QTE is faster, whilst the faster path QTE is a tiny bit slower.

  • The secret power path has +100 dash panel speed, the dash panel that's in the corner is +1000.

  • The dash panel in the slower no-type route before the QTE is +1000.

  • The slower QTE is slightly faster.

Green Cave
Developer Comments

Green Cave mainly needed tuneups to its slower routes. We want to encourage interaction so we careened between the delicate balance of not making these other paths viable but noticeably less punishing. 

  • Increase the speed of the lower path QTEs.

  • The two 30 and middle 50 air boxes on the right vine before the qte are changed to two Speed shoe boxes with a 100 air in the middle.

  • New dash panels have been placed on the right vine before the qte.

  • Added a moderate amount of fog to the stage.

Sand Ruins

Developer Comments

Sand Ruins is already a pretty good stage. The main gripe was the abundance of rings compared to air and its air strenuous routes. We are shooting for these changes to facilitate wider viability without harming the stage's identity as a "ring gear" stage. The new speed shoe box is right near the edge of the top platform. It can propel the player through the air and onto the top path ramp, normally requiring the use of the additional manual ramp, or fly type. This adds some charm to the level, as there was previously no reason to use the high-up platform.

  • Made the hitbox of Sand Ruins' QTE bigger so that when you get tornadoed over the wall you won't fall to your death anymore.

  • Changed the Sand Ruins row of item boxes after the first ramp. Counting from the left, the item box order is the following: 100 Air, 50 Air, 30 Air, 10 Rings, 20 Rings, 30 Rings.

  • The Manual ramp top path 20 ring boxes have been changed to 10 ring boxes.

  • Added a 10 ring box and a speed shoe box on the high-up platform the first grind rail takes you to.

Babylon Garden

Developer Comments

Babylon Garden has a lot of "do nothing" sections. Many of those were sped up to reduce wait time. The new fly route takes you mid-way into the power shortcut. This will be useful for fly types because most of them are lightweight, which means the uphill after the obstacles will complement their ability.

  • Babylon Garden Mini Spiral QTE Is 250 Speed (from 230).

  • The air crafts that carry you to the next part of the stage move at 353 speed (from 247).

  • The air crafts launch you further so that you land right on top of the incoming dash panels.

  • Babylon Garden has a new fly path. It is on the left of the final area's top path. You'll need a backflip to get to it, and it'll send you down into the power path after the power type objects.

  • The top path near the end of the lap has a row of 10 ring boxes

Digital Dimension

Developer Comments

There was a lot to address with one of the most controversial stages in the game. We love this DiD for its engaging stage design, but many players find it to be too punishing for its high execution setpieces and low resource environment. The alterations we made do not intend to lower the difficulty for the stage, just make it less punishing. For example, by giving the player more opportunities to collect rings, rather than just making them easier to get, we feel that the identity of the stage is still preserved. Other changes we mostly artistic to better fit the idea of racing through a pocket dimension.

  • The item boxes on the top path of Digital Dimension have been moved up to the climax of the turn and they are now guaranteed 10 rings.

  • Two new item boxes have been added to the little "secret path", where the very first Fly path in Digital Dimension is. The item boxes give you 50 and 100 Air respectively.

  • Digital Dimension bottom path now adds to your speed. It continues to rise the longer you use it.

  • The near unreachable row of items right before the start line on Digital Dimension has been moved up a bit so that you can grab them when you jump down skillfully from the type shortcut section.

  • Added a 10 ring box at the bottom of the digital valley section. (Near the end of the stage)

  • Removed Digital Dimension's ghost hands.

  • Placed a speed shoe box inside of the first gargoyle statue on bottom path.

  • Increase the air gained from smashing the glass paintings in the angel section by 100%.

  • Moved up the dash panels right before the qte.

  • Added a line of three 10 ring boxes right behind the dash panels after the qte. (requiring you to fast fall to get to them)

  • Added a 10 ring box on the top platform of the second structure in the angel section (you must use the first three rails or all of the fly rings to get to it)

  • Placed a 5 ring box within the very first power object of the stage.

Sega Carnival

Developer Comments

Mono fly type struggled on Carnival as they only have access to one type shortcut. The new fly route makes them much better while granting access to a normally inaccessible part of the stage. Other changes were focused on making the other routes better. With Maximum Impulse, the last bottom power path is very powerful due to being able to realistically link all the objects.

  • The brown crates and streetlights have bigger hit detection so they are easier to link

  • There is a new fly path you can reach by using the first manual ramp

  • The third grind rail was toned down a bit

Night Chase

Developer Comments

SRTE 1.3 made lot of good changes to Night Chase, both universal and specific. These new alters are simply to tune up some of the more nuanced issues such as power starving for air near the end of the lap, or accidentally tricking off of the truck resulting in a huge loss of time.

  • Night chase power path has one more car to hit.

  • Trick truck lands you at a much higher speed.

  • Switched the first set of random boxes with the last set of 10 ring boxes.

Red Canyon

Developer Comments

Not much to say on Red Canyon. We had some ambitious plans but they are reserved for later patches. The dash panels on bottom path would often hinder the player, so we moved them to a later point in bottom path where they would objectively be useful.

  • The dash panels on the bottom path of the first ramp in Red Canyon have been moved up to the end of the cave.

  • Added a light amount of fog to the stage

Ice Factory

Developer Comments

Ice Factory has a lot of quality-of-life improvements with love for no type builds. We felt that speed could use just a couple more rings since their routes make them pass up so many.

  • The fog has been removed

  • The blue tint the stage had was removed

  • The no-type route (the huge turn in the first bottom path) has an all-new stylized archway of item boxes to increase the speed of the route significantly. It begins with +50 dash panels, then is littered with a careful line of alternating air and speed shoe boxes the player can combo themselves into.

  • A new pit stop greets the player at the halfway point of the power type turn on bottom path

  • The very last grind rail has a stray 5 ring line on it.

  • The icicles you can hit at the peak of the last ramp give you 30 air. This includes non-power types.

White Cave

Developer Comments

White Cave is a very short stage where no type thrives and leads typically stick. This is because comeback factors don't really get a chance to get going due to many factors. The web removal makes the stage last longer and provides key turbulence the stage previously lacked.

  • The first web from White Cave has been removed.

  • The dash panels after the lower/slower path's QTE in White Cave have been moved up a little bit and are faster.

  • The lower/slower path QTE is a little faster.

Dark Desert

Developer Comments

The major glitch that hinder fly type was fixed. The new fly route primarily assists users behind to farm magnetic impulse. This stage is topped off with misc balance tweaks for power type.

  • There is a new fly route that takes you from the third manual ramp to the first top path.

  • The first top path has two 10 ring boxes.

  • The quarter pipe ramps in the gravity section do not require charge.

  • The fly collision glitch has been fixed.

  • The big power-type blocks give +25 speed (from +50).

Sky Road

Developer Comments

Sky Road lacked resources making air efficiency vital to one's success. Along with the high punishments for not correctly performing jumps, it often made the stage more of a hazard than your racing opponent.

  • The row of item boxes after the second ramp on Sky Road have all been changed to 10 ring boxes.

  • There are two new sets of dash panels right before and right after the last big turn. The later set is placed in a way where you can angle your drift wider, Done correctly, the panels will automatically reposition you, saving you air.

  • There are a new set of air boxes in the middle of the second spiral (the spiral-like turn right after the road blows apart) the inner boxes have more air while the middle and later ones have less.

  • There are a new set of air boxes during the last turn (the spiral-like turn before the road to the QTE) the inner boxes have more air while the middle and later ones have less.

  • When you launch from the billboard after the QTE, you'll land faster, allowing you to grab the item boxes with a fast fall.

Sega Illusion

Developer Comments

Sega Illusion was in a pretty solid state in 1.3. We simply wanted to address some of its more niche issues, such as the first bottom path being a straight downgrade from the dream trail. This path was sped up in an engaging way to avoid resorting to only handing the player more boxes.

  • Chu Chu rocket power path air boxes have been switched around.

  • The first automatic ramp (right before the dream trail) has larger jump detection

  • The fast QTE phenomenon has been fixed.

  • The ramp before Chu Chu rocket section has larger jump detection. It will also angle you towards the next section of the map should you jump too far from the side. Going too far to the sides will still kill you, however, but you'll respawn after the ramp unlike ramp skipping in the previous patch.

  • After the first automatic ramp, the item boxes on bottom path are 10 rings on the right side, 50 air on the left.

  • After the first automatic ramp, on bottom path there are dash panels that are positioned at the inner edge of the turn. With proper spacing, this will allow you to bypass the turn and save air that would have been used for drifting.

  • The Chu Chu rocket dash panels increase your speed depending on your placement. It maxes out at 270 in 8th place.

  • The green Chu Chu rocket panel launches you at 200, while the red one moves at 190. Lastly, the golden one shoots you off at 300.



Developer Comments

With the new version of Accelerator, we tried to give the gear a wider arsenal of combative abilities. It now has a unique special flag, which we dubbed Sticky Fingers Requiem, which is based on the original special flag The Crazy has. This will make it so that, with its new ability to attack, the reward you get for it will be sufficient enough for gear like Accelerator, which needs a hefty amount of rings for it to operate the best. Since the gear was slightly way too good at getting insane times in Time Attack this patch, we have decided to nerf some stats of the gear pretty heavily, whilst buffing some other aspects of the gear slightly.

  • Top speed increased to 210 (from 200).

  • Acceleration increased.

  • Takes 20 rings to ignore tornadoes.

  • Boost speed decreased to 450 (from 525).

  • Fast fall cost increased to 8 rings per every 60 frames.

  • Has worse Trick of Greed (pays 5 rings per every S rank). Nerfed passive ring gain by 30%. Can now attack.

  • Has a unique version of "Sticky Fingers" (dubbed Sticky Fingers Requiem): Instead of gaining 15 rings per attack, it gains 20 rings per attack. On top of that, it gains 30% of the opponent's current air as rings too. (This is capped out at a maximum of 30 rings.)

Turbo Star

Developer Comments

Turbo Star was one of the most dominant gears in Sonic Riders' competitive history. A top-tier pick on multiple stages across version 1.3, players would often rely on its overwhelming statistical prowess over most other gears. Nerfing Turbo Star is tricky as the nature of this design is that it will always be drawn to stages where there are massive stashes of rings. Our goal is to keep it viable while bringing some of its overtuned aspects back in line. In hindsight, no passive air drain and decreased time to charge a drift dash were unnecessary on a gear that boosts at 265 with uncompromised air costs. The speed nerfs are to bring it a little closer to default while still obviously rewarding the player for collecting those extra 30 rings.

  • Top Speed reduced by 5.

  • LVL 1 Boost Speed from 200 > 195

  • Drift dash charge frames 50 > 60

  • No passive air drain > Standard passive air drain

  • NEW - When 90 rings are collected, reaching LVL 4 is treated as a proper level up. It is displayed on the HUD & the air gauge is refilled. 

     Level 4 properties

  • LVL 4 Boost Speed from 265 > 260

  • Gains +30 frames of boost duration and +10 Drift Boost Speed Maximum while at 90+ rings.


Developer Comments

With all the universal changes made to the game, dual-type gears had to be adjusted to fit the current landscape of the meta.

  • Has -3 boost speed at all levels (197/227/247).

  • Shortcut speed on the character's natural type is -2.5% slower.

  • Shortcut speed on the character's additive type is -5% slower. (So in other words, if you were playing Rouge Grinder, your fly shortcuts would be -2.5% slower, whilst your speed shortcuts would be -5% slower.)

  • Access weight = 0.2 (mid-heavy)

  • Grinder weight = - 0.3 (super light)

  • Destroyer weight = 0.45 (Super heavy)

  • New - Access, Grinder, and Destroyer are no longer type restricted, meaning that characters are able to use three new gears.

Mono-user perks

  • Mono Destroyer gets +13 speed from every power object.

  • Mono Grinder gets +8.5% grind rail speed.

  • Mono Access gets +8.5% Fly speed.


Developer Comments

The earlier rendition of Omnipotence didn't exactly work out well in practice, as the gear's shortcut air gain was almost nullified. This made the gear viable on only a select few stages. With this new rendition, we decided to shift some of the nerfs over to different aspects of the gear, such as boost speed and applying shortcut speed reduction. This meant that we could give a decent amount of shortcut air gain back to the gear, which makes the gear viable on a wider variety of stages.

  • Has -5 boost speed at all levels (195/225/245).

  • Shortcut speed reduction nerfed to -7.5% (from -10%).

  • Has 50% shortcut air gain.


Developer Comments

Beginner is being reworked into a design that is familiar to traditional kart racing games. This change aims to give the gear new life as all of its previous iterations in the mod weren't generally cared for.

  • NEW - Now has "drift levels", where the longer you drift the more powerful your drift dash is. This is also indicated by the color of your exhaust trail.

  • It's impossible to air out, but it can't drift dash whilst it's "out of air".

  • NEW - Has dynamic boost speeds dependent on your air, where if you're below 50% air, you have subpar boosts. Boost costs to 40% at all levels.


  • +5 boost speed at every level.

  • Air efficiency is quite low with higher drift/boost costs.

  • +20 frames of boost duration at every level.

  • Top speeds are roughly 190/205/215 for each level respectively.


  • Level 3 boost speed increased to 250 (from 249)

  • No speed loss while turning.

Cover F

Developer Comments

Cover-F is aiming to pull off a very experimental design; it embodies multiple gear archetypes, but instead of being a hybrid gear, it is every archetype! In the capable hands, this gear has insane outplay potential that rewards quick reflexes and effective decision-making.

  • NEW - Can hold 200 rings.

  • NEW - Changes gear archetypes at will using the D-Pad buttons. It starts out as a standard Level 1 air gear. Every "gear change" costs you 40 rings and gives you an air refill. Keep in mind, you cannot gear change when you are in run state.

      Gear Modes

  1. D-Pad Left - High Boosting Archetype: 270 boost speed. Boost cost of 45% of your air tank. 140 top speed. Has a saturated green exhaust trail.

  2. D-Pad Up - Combat Archetype: 230 boost speed. Boost cost of 20% of your air tank. 200 top speed. Has a level 3 tornado. Has a saturated red exhaust trail.

  3. D-Pad Right - Cruising Archetype: 220 boost speed. Boost cost of 25% of your air tank. 240 top speed. Has a saturated blue exhaust trail.


Developer Comments

Advantage-S's core design as the "running gear" has remained unaltered, but it's receiving some quality-of-life improvements so that it can better capitalize on its premise. For instance, the gear is now permanently in run state, but unlike before, it is now able to perform all the actions that a typical gear can, including jumping, drifting, and boosting. Identically to the fastest, you are also able to extend the length of your boost by holding B. In order to ensure this design is balanced, characters using the gear are now open to being attacked by opponents. Its previous immunity and lack of counterplay was the primary reason many disliked playing against it. With this issue resolved, we think it will lead to a much more favorable response than wasn't possible before.

  • NEW Permanently in an enhanced version of the "run state". It can boost, drift, charge jump, tornado, attack other players, and be attacked. If your run speed is higher than your boost speed, you can accelerate past your boost speed. You can hold back while boosting to control the speed.

  • New special ability - Boost Control: Holding the boost button past the character's normal duration will extend it in exchange for air.

  • This gear cannot make turbulence.

  • The base run speed is 205/220/240 at each level respectively.

  • NEW - Speed Types gain +5 run speed at all levels. Fly Types gain +2. Boost speeds are normal.


Developer Comments

Berserker received a great deal of support in SRTE 1.3. However, despite all of its great boons, it still wasn't enough. Not being able to boost chain is just that much of a hindrance. With a new team working on SRTE, the freedom to experiment with new ideas was an exciting prospect for the entire team! 

  • No speed loss while turning.

  • Can now boost chain.

  • The counterattack phenomenon has been transformed into a special ability called "Battle Armor" and it has been removed from Berserker and given to other gears.

  • New special abilityAttack Veil: Increases the current attack range of the user. (This stacks with the increased level 3 combat characters get.)

  • New special ability - Power Dance: After a successful attack, its stats permanently go up. +1 boost speed and +3 top speed, 5% less air cost on drifting and boosting. Bonuses are lost if you get attacked or are hit by a tornado.

Slide Booster

Developer Comments

We wanted to give slide booster some new things to do. This starts with granting it the previous abilities it lost upon the introduction to clutch mode & turbulence ignore.

  • New special ability - Air Lock: The turbulence generated by this gear cannot be ignored by clutch mode. Even Heavy Bike isn't immune.

  • Gains drift boost speed cap by leveling up. 240/250/260 drift boost maximums for each level respectively.

  • Drift boost speed increased by 0/5/10 based on level.


Developer Comments

We strayed away from a low-skill floor design that was highly effective at virtually all levels of play, and more of an easy-to-pick-up, difficult to master type of gear. Because despite all the new bells and whistles, it still coincides with its user-friendly design. Being able to charge and perform tricks faster will allow less experienced players to X rank easier, while experienced players will want to charge so they can edge out as many tricks as possible for that coveted speed boost. I believe that this form of Legend is at its peak. It is now a fully-realized gear, one that properly possesses the duality of welcoming newcomers, while boasting a high skill ceiling for the competitive crowd to sink their teeth into.

  • 245 boost speed at level 3

  • Only costs 75% of the character's normal fast fall cost

  • New special ability - Motor Drive: Faster trick animations based on jump charge, the base trick speed at 100, extra 35 speeds from each trick performed.


  • Has slightly higher passive air gain.

Air Tank

Developer Comments

Bigger plans are coming to the Air Tank. Although for now, we have an alternative Darkness. It already sufficiency departs from Darkness with the universal introduction of weight, being a heavy version of Darkness.


  • Slightly bigger air tank at Levels 1 and 2.

Blue Star II

Developer Comments

Giving wider access to Blue Star II is a larger change than one may think. Character stats other than Sonic can alter the way Blue Star II is played and even greatly increase its viability. Before making further changes, we are observing the stat that it falls into for now.

  • Blue Star II is selectable on every board-riding character.

Light Board

Developer Comments

Light Board is getting some much-needed archetype support. Before, Drift characters were the only characters relevant on the gear.


  • Light Board Top Speed Conversion and Boost Speed Changes: Late boosters get +5 speed Combat Characters get +2 speed E10G gets +7 speed.

Power Gear

Developer Comments

With Power Gear, we're trying something interesting this patch. This is the first gear in the game's history that will be unable to drift dash! Instead, you accelerate while drifting. The blitz potential this would provide for player interaction was of most interest. Unlike Fastests' similar effect, you are still able to boost and attack, but its boost speed is below average. Don't underestimate this gear for that fact alone though! The immediacy of this burst option is powerful. In the right hands, it's a monster to play against.

  • New special ability Power Slide: gains speed whilst drifting, although it cannot output a drift dash. Now gains 1.4 speed per frame when drifting.

  • New special ability - Boost Control: Holding the boost button past the character's normal duration will extend it in exchange for air.

  • Nerfed Level 2 boost cost to 40000 (from 30000). Nerfed Level 3 boost cost to 50000 (from 40000).

  • Slightly buffed drift air costs (by about 40%).

  • Top speed nerfed to 152 (from 162).

  • Boost speeds nerfed to 185/210/230 for each level respectively.

Opa Opa

Developer Comments

In SRTE 1.2.5, the Opa Opa had a very unique design. It held a niche as a high boosting gear with high cruising speed. 1.3 altered it to something less inspired, harkening closer to other gears of the high boosting archetype. 1.4 aims to push it back into this direction. This includes the restoration of its devastating attack to round out the design.

  • Reverted attack nerfs to 300 frames (from 210).

  • Level 1 boost speed increased to 220. Level 2 boost speed increased to 250. Level 3 boost speed increased to 260.

  • Top speed increased to 200 (from 162).

  • Charging a jump doesn't reduce cruising speed.

  • This gear halves the character's current boost duration.

Heavy Bike

Developer Comments

Heavy Bike is an interesting gear that becomes "slower" in the traditional sense as it levels up but gains air efficiency in massive proportions. The gear is receiving tweaks to fit the mold more accurately. The weight system also makes this gear the heaviest in the game, giving it disgusting amounts of speed while traveling downhill.


  • Level 1: Unchanged

  • Level 2: Boost speed decreased to 250, boost cost increased to 50 air (from 40 air)

  • Level 3: Passive air drain lowered slightly, drift air cost lowered slightly.


Developer Comments

Hang-On has received a full rework. It is now the first-ever combat-based ring gear. This allows it to have an additional niche as a ring gear with far lower costs than any ring gear design that predated it. We anticipate this design to be one of the more underrated picks once players experiment more.


  • Boost speed is 240 for a cost of 5 rings

  • Tornado cost for a cost of 4 rings

  • BCM (Boost Chain Multiplier) increased to 30%

  • No speed loss while charging

  • New special ability - Golden Experience: Upon landing an attack, gain an infinite supply of rings for 3 seconds. (Note: The fuel gauge is topped off to 100 rings after the effect timer is depleted)

Super Hang-On

Developer Comments

Super Hang-On is not a normal gear. It radiates hype from all the clips that involve it. We thought it could use some greater treatment as it essentially became the game's captain falcon in the competitive scene. We did this in the way of enhancing its already defining traits, tweaking some of its questionable aspects, and rounding it off with a brand new exclusive ability.


  • Level 3 boost speed reduced to 265 (from 270).

  • Legend effect removed. It now takes the current weight of your character and slices the jump charge they would have in half. (Heavier characters benefit from this more.)

  • Increased turning

  • New - Gains Level 4 capability. Upon reaching level 4, Speed Shoes are guaranteed from random boxes.

  • Super Hang-On music can now be triggered by any of the players and works via port priority.

  • Super Hang-On now has a new track for each individual character, going from 1 song to 13.


Developer Comments

Fastest is an archaic design from 1.3 that we decided could use a tune-up. It's a gear with an interesting concept; in exchange for the best cruising stats out of any gear, it is the only one in the game that prevents the user from entering boost state, and by extension, it's actually unable to attack its opponents! Unfortunately, after release, it was found that the gear was only useful in very specific situations, such as its pairing with E10G in SEGA Illusion, and saw very little usage elsewhere. With this newest change, you are now able to enter a super cruising state by holding the B Button. While super cruising, you will rapidly accelerate. After one second of holding the button, you will gain "Battle Armor" (Berserker) effect.

  • New special ability - Super Cruise: Hold the B button to enter a "super cruising" state. In this state, you cruise at 240/250/260 speed for each level respectively. Late boosters and combat characters cruise at 245/255/265. After super cruising for 1 second straight, you obtain the  "Battle Armor" (Berserker) effect. There's also the same trail applied when flying through the air to indicate when Fastest is super cruising.

Air Broom

  • Gains recipro extend off of tornadoes. (Press jump to initiate the max charge. Going off the ramp normally won't work.)

Speed Balancer

Developer Comments

Speed Balancer has received a minor buff to its boost speed at all levels, but more interestingly, it has been granted a unique attribute that allows it to gain speed from bonking on walls. Reviewers often compare 2D Sonic's physics to that of a pinball machine's controlled chaos, which coincidentally is also a good way to describe Riders' physics. Characters and their boards frequently rebound off of one another and elements of the stage environment. This change aids Speed Balancer's reputation as a gear that only thrives on straightaways, and will aid in turning its signature restriction into a fun gameplay element. Other changes were aimed to make the gear generally play better.


  • Boost speed increased by 5 for every level (205/235/255)

  • No speed loss while turning.

  • New special ability - Pinball Power: Gains speed from bonking on walls. 1.4 buff equation for speed bally: player's speed + (10 speed * 10 * the angle you hit the wall at)

  • Has default turning whilst in the air or in fly state.

  • Slightly lowered drift costs (about 25%).

  • Increased the top speed to 192 (from 177).

Crazy Taxi

Developer Comments

"The Crazy" has been renamed the "Crazy Taxi". The gear retains its similar High Boosting nature as seen in SRTE 1.3 with a couple of little refinements to its game. Most notably being that it doesn't lose speed while bonking into walls and it, in addition, gains 2 rings every time it collides with one. This will open the door for more intriguing strategies, possibly allowing it to function more comfortably on its less viable stages. We also find it to be a nice callback to the wild point-hungry nature of Crazy Taxi.

  • Bonking against the wall doesn't lose speed.

  • New special ability - Energy Construct: Colliding with a wall produces two rings for the player.


Developer Comments

Hovercraft's main issue was that it often would cross the final lap in a great many tournament games not fully leveled. Buffing Hovercraft's speed would be the equivalent of making Gannondorf hit harder. The gear is already plenty fast. That's why we are trying something to address the actual issue. 1.5 ring pick-up aims to accomplish this.

  • Doesn't lose speed whilst charging a jump

  • New - has 1.5 ring pickup (every second ring you pick up gives you 2 rings instead of 1).

  • Now has an exhaust trail, if you have Y toggle on, the exhaust trail will disappear.

Powerful Gear

Developer Comments

Powerful Gear is earning an interesting buff. Unlike other gears which slow down when traveling uphill, characters that use this gear will now accelerate uphill instead! The gear also earns a bonus speed when traveling downhill as part of the weight changes discussed earlier. This is a buff that will be far more situationally beneficial on some stages rather than others, but it should be an interesting attribute to experiment with.

  • New - Converts uphill speed loss into speed gain. (Functions at 25% capacity)

  • Has no speed loss while turning.


Developer Comments

Gambler is getting reworked once again. A design mold where types are gained upon level up has been an idea thrown around for years. This is our attempt at building another multi-type gear. The gambling aspects are in honor of its namesake.

  • Boost speeds:
    Level 1: 185
    Level 2: 230
    Level 3: 250
    Level 4: 260

  • Starts off with no type.

  • New - Every item box is randomized.

  • New - Gains a type at every level. The first type you gain is your character's original type. The subsequent types follow a rotation system inspired by Sonic Heroes.
    The rotation for types are the following: Speed > Fly > Power
    Gains all type upon reaching level 4. (Note: If you level down, you
     lose your type in the reverse order of the type rotation.)

  • Boosting after Level 3 also takes 5 rings.

  • Holds 150 rings

  • E10G
    You start off with a type at random at Level 2. This is indicated by your exhaust trail.
    Speed =
    Dark Blue, Fly = Yellow and Power = Red.
    Then at Level 3, you lose the first type you got and get the next one as per the cycle.
    Finally, at Level 4 you have both types.

Super Sonic

Developer Comments

The original creature of chaos is getting some much-needed love. After the many reworks over the years, the 1.3 mold seems generally liked and would be perfect with a couple of statistical tweaks. He is a little slower but can output more attacks in a given race. This is to promote more interaction.

  • New - Super Sonic will always use its model and have its aura.

  • New - Added Perfect Nazo model by holding X before selecting normal Super Sonic.

  • New - Super Sonic has a new board texture.

  • Boost speed reduced to 260 (from 285).

  • Boost cost reduced to 10 rings (from 25 rings).

  • Top speed reduced to 210.

  • Run speed increased to 200.

  • Inherits omnipotence's debuff: Slower type shortcuts for fly and speed.


New Super Forms

Important excerpt

Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow are have gained access to the chaos emeralds. They have new textures for their body and gears, new HUDs, boost trails, and all new gear designs. They all originate from the same mold as 1.3 Super Sonic, so some of their basic statistics are shared. Some notes may be written in relation to their difference from Super Sonic.

Super Tails

Developer Comments

The introduction of Super Tails granted us the opportunity to create a completely new gear design. Very early on, we thought about creating an alternate Super Sonic, but ultimately decided to take a more inspired approach. We mainly wanted to incorporate "character" into the design. The thought process lead us to ask one question; how would Tails design his gear if he had access to the emeralds? It made sense that Tails' expert engineering would focus on some sort of grand utility that would offset the normal determents of a super form. A pacified super state would rake in rings with a never-before-seen passive magnet tech, while not using those rings in the act of doing so. Then the stockpile would be put to optimal use in an explosive, but completely controlled fashion. Thus, the idea for switching between a "normal" & "super-state" came into C2 code.

     Normal State

  • Has Level 1 default gear stats Tails would normally have.

  • Has level 2 tornadoes

  • New - Gains a permanent magnet.

  • New - Can hold 200 rings.

  • New - Has the option to transform into Super State after collecting 50 rings. (Note: custom text that will tell you when you can transform, thus his X button doesn't boost anymore, only his B button.)

      Super State

  • Loses magnet.

  • Gains power type.

  • Gains slight bonus shortcut speed for fly hoops. (10%)

  • Gains tornado boost for a cost of 5 rings. (keeps lvl 2 tornadoes)

  • Boost speed 270 for a cost of 25 rings.

  • Top speed is 200.

  • Acceleration is slightly higher than Super Sonic.

  • You can manually revert the transformation with the X button.

Note: Transforming/detransforming has a 3-second cooldown and transforming in the middle of boosting will cut your boost entirely. Reverting to normal state will restore your air gauge.


Super Knuckles

Developer Comments

Super Knuckles was designed as a combat-oriented version of Super Sonic. Nearly all of his deviations from Super Sonic work towards his ability to come out victorious on both offense and defense. The high boost duration also differentiates it from other ring gears as they usually have low duration. This is due to not being able to level up on ring gears. we anticipate it to be one of the scariest gears to go up against if wielded properly.

  • 255 boost speed for 10 rings.

  • 3.5-second boost duration.

  • 195 top speed.

  • Gains fly type.

  • Gains a level 3 tornado, costs 5 rings.

  • Acceleration is much less than Super Sonic.

  • Enhanced form of Knuckles level 3 attack.

  • Gains bonus shortcut speed for power objects. (+10 speed per object.)

  • New - Gains legend effect and tornado boost while in attack state.


Super Shadow

Developer Comments

Unlike Super Sonic, Super Shadow is more passive by having a higher boost cost, whilst maintaining Super Sonic's omni-type. This is coupled with the new gimmick of being able to hold down the boost button to extend it after the initial duration is over, for a cost of 10 rings per second. Veteran players of SRTE may recognize the similarities between Super Shadow and SRTE's 1.2.5 Super Sonic. Many were fond of that iteration's Super Sonic, and were sad to see it go in version 1.3. We used this opportunity to bring the design back to the mod, while refining it with a couple of new bells.

  • Omni type. Inherits omnipotence's debuff: Slower type shortcuts for fly and speed.

  • 220 Top speed.

  • Gains a level 3 tornado, costs 5 rings.

  • 325 boost speed for a cost of 40 rings.

  • 1-second boost duration.

  • New - Custom attack. AOE spinout with no status effect. Shadow gains 30 rings for each successful hit connection.

  • New special ability - Boost Control: Holding the boost button past the character's normal duration will extend it in exchange for air. (Note: By default, Super Shadow's boost lasts one second for 40 rings, activating "Boost Control" will cost 10 rings for each subsequent second.)


Other Modes


Battle Mode

  • You can now pick gears in Battle Mode. (These are mostly aesthetic.)

Tag Mode

  • You aren't able to pick E10G nor Advantage-P anymore.

  • Ditto Character support has been added to the mode.

  • Fixed a bug where boost speeds would reset to default upon retry.

  • Normalized ramps. They function more closely to how they do in Free Race.

  • Normalized special flags. Abilities such as Legend function in the mode.

  • Teams are assigned on a port basis rather than who presses the A button first.

Credits: Written by Protag, Exortile, Joe, and Logic Mage.

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