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Sonic Riders TE 1.2.5 Patch Notes



- Disabled certain Stage audio queues
(SEGA Carnival/Illusion no longer have sound queues)
(BUG: The crowd on Sand Ruins/Dark Desert is always on.)
(BUG: Digital Dimension's angel section sound queue is gone.)

- Death does not reset Rings and Level (for Air Gears)
(If your Gear runs on Air, dying does not reset your Rings nor your Level.)
(If your Gear runs on Rings instead of air, death is unchanged.)

- Turbulence Buff
(Minimum speed is 200)
(Acceleration threshold is increased to 250)
(Maximum speed without a trick increased to 250)

- Item boxes respawn almost instantly

- Fixed Deceleration
(Previously, decelerating while boosting was very steep, especially at level 3.)
(This made boosting while drifting and other speed increases, which give additive speed, uneffective past level 1.)
(This has been fixed.)

- Hold Z Button to Ignore Turbulence
(Holding Z allows you to ignore turbulence as if you were playing Heavy Bike.)
(Holding Z while riding turbulence drops you out of it.)

- Disable Tornados for 40 Frames after Auto Sections
(You cannot perform tornados for 40 frames after leaving any auto section.)

- Grind Rail Jumping Preserves Speed; Holding Z allows you to perform the old Jump
(Previously, jumping off a grind rail cut your speed in half.)
(This has been fixed. You retain your speed.)
(If you want the old grind hop, for things like Red Canyon Skip, hold Z when jumping off.)


- Dash Panels Give Additive Speed
(+40 on SEGA Carnival, Red Canyon)
(+60 on Sky Road, Babylon Guardian)
(+20 Elsewhere)



- Speed Shoes ACTUALLY give +50 Speed
(Previously, Speed Shoes item gave 50 speed, but could not bring your speed above 200.)
(This has been fixed so that speed shoes give 50 speed without a cap of 250.)

Air Broom
- Boost cost reduced to normal at every level.

- Drift cost reduced to normal at every level.

- Air gain from shortcuts increased to normal.


High Booster
- Drift cost reduced at every level.

Magic Carpet
- No speed loss while turning.

Chaos Emerald
- Top Speed reduced to 222.
- Ring Drain while drifting has been reduced slightly.

The Crazy
- Drift boost speed reverted to 80.
- Boost speed has been reduced to 390.

- Drift cost reduced at every level.

- Can now attack opponents during boost. (Bugfix)
- No speed loss while turning.


Patch Notes Written by AirkingNeo

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